Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Jonathan Delvee

Jonathan Delvee

Male 1770 - 1850  (80 years)

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Ruth Drake
Female 1825-1865
Mary W. Delvey
Female 1855-1889
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Ella F. Delvey
Female -Yes, date unknown
Walter J. Martin
Male Abt 1866-1935
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Betsey Ball
Female 1793-1826
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Ruby Jane Delvey
Female 1866-1945
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Luke Delvey
Male 1831-1915
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child Wilber
Susan Delvey
Female 1834-1869
Fanny Delvey
Female 1835-1874
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Ella R. Clarke
Female 1861-1898
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Mabel Agnes Cook
Female 1873-1951
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Orasa Coolidge
Male 1812-1896
Sarah Ruth Delvy
Female 1833-1910
Lorenzo West
Male 1820-1899
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Otis Fiske Hale
Male 1834-1921
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Lezzie A. Moore
Female 1858-1883
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Agnes Black
Female 1873-1970
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Mary Sophia Munn
Female 1840-1914
Peter Delvy
Male 1795-1869
Ruth Carter
Female 1802-1836
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Ruby Jane Delvey
Female 1866-1945
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Orra May Hale
Female 1880-1959
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Amos Whitaker
Male 1830-1900
Ruby Jane Delvy
Female 1845-1864
Ruby Carter
Female 1804-1880
Ella Shepardson
Female Abt 1818-
David Shepardson
Male Abt 1818-
John D. Hatfield
Male 1834-1918
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John N. Barrett
Male 1834-1885
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Martha Celine Mundell
Female Abt 1856-1937
Rosa Bell Burke
Female 1865-1952
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Alonzo B. Stark
Male 1858-1938
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Edith Shepardson
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Azuba Corwin
Female Abt 1882-
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Levi Aaron Stoddard
Male Abt 1842-1896
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Timothy F. Moore
Male 1848-1849
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Timothy Moore
Male 1818-1889
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Mary M. Dresser
Female 1842-1937
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Neva Maud Baker
Female 1875-1930
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Daniel Verry
Male 1824-1900
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Hugh Asa Barton
Male 1864-1937
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Martha Shepardson
Female Abt 1886-1977
Anna Eliza Stacy
Female 1840-1919
Hannah Delvee
Female 1797-1866
Mary Jane Pierce
Female 1847-1894
Foster J. Gerry
Male 1851-1919
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Alden Marble
Male 1856-1935
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Philander Pierce
Male 1821-1903
Mary Hill
Female 1819-1862
Lucy Delvee
Female 1799-1850
Joshua Pierce
Male 1769-1850
Lucy C. Buckley
Female 1854-1858
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Mary Ann Buckley
Female 1858-1858
Stanley Woodland
Male Abt 1859-
Julia Hurd
Female 1867-
Almeda R. Green
Female 1830-1892
Walter Buckley
Male 1826-1901
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Lucy J. Wherin
Female 1836-1870
Elsie Jane Green
Female 1875-1972
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Bertha May Green
Female 1878-1931
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Lucy Edna Green
Female 1880-1968
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Laura E.
Female Abt 1889-
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Emma A. Cousins
Female 1850-1927
Mary A. Louncey
Female Abt 1863-
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Joseph D. Green
Male 1837-1915
Lillie A. Greene
Female 1876-1968
Samuel R. Fergus
Male 1866-1958
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Bertha S. Greene
Female 1878-1966
Oscar G. Johnson
Male 1872-1950
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Frank Leo Green
Male 1883-1963
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Edward Metz
Male Abt 1880-
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Anna A. Morrison
Female 1850-1918
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William M. Green
Male 1838-1907
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Sarah J. Green
Female Abt 1842-
John Adams Green
Male 1799-1852
William Leonard
Male 1825-1900
Joel S. Leonard
Male 1827-1903
Francis Leonard
Male 1829-1833
Jonathan Leonard
Male 1831-1832
Abbie Leonard
Female 1833-1895
Eva M Leonard
Female Abt 1875-
Moses Leonard
Male 1840-1870
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Daisy Ione Hill
Female 1879-1938
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David Leonard
Male 1845-1848
Abigail Delvee
Female 1800-1882
Joel Leonard
Male 1787-1863
Mary Ann Delvey
Female 1832-1889
Nathan Sumner Walker
Male Abt 1812-1888
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Jonathan Delvey
Male 1834-1915
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Cora May Harding
Female 1868-1952
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George Harding
Male 1837-1910
Lois Delvey
Female 1840-1917
Mary Jane Delvey
Female 1844-1844
Joseph Delvee
Male 1803-1848
Mary Ann Wheaton
Female 1806-1844
Emerancy L. Fisher
Female Abt 1806-1870
Ida E. Shepardson
Female Abt 1856-1926
T. P. Briggs
Male Abt 1836-1919
C. E. Shepardson
Male Abt 1858-Yes, date unknown
Eunice Pratt
Female 1824-1897
Quincy A. Shepardson
Male Abt 1826-Bef 1880
Eugene O. Pratt
Male Abt 1856-1929
Stella Maynard
Female 1850-1926
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John Goland Pratt
Male Abt 1859-1915
Clara Lucinda Root
Female 22 Aug1860-1940
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Gilbert Pratt
Male 1825-1866
Juliette Delaner
Female Abt 1830-1913
Sally Pratt
Female 1827-1829
Joel Pratt
Male 1830-1848
John Pratt
Male 1832-1833
Persis Pratt
Male 1837-1838
daughter Pratt
Female 1838-1838
Mattie C. Newton
Female Abt 1866-
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Estella J. Pratt
Female 1839-1886
Levi Newton
Male Abt 1831-1919
Persis Pratt
Female Abt 1840-
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John D. Pratt
Male 1842-1920
Laura Pratt
Female Abt 1844-
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Mary E. Pratt
Female 1846-1926
George S. Talcott
Male Abt 1839-1897
Bathsheba Delvee
Female 1805-1883
Daniel Pratt
Male 1802-1874
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Mary A. Mills
Female 1826-1901
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Joanna Orcutt
Female 1827-1880
Martha Holt
Female 1818-1881
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Harriet Mills
Female 1830-1866
William L. Dill
Male Abt 1829-