Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Matches 1 to 46 of 46 for Tree equals Delvee Family AND Branch equals Tribe of Joseph

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F570
 Ward, Rayna Lynn   
2 F538
Bankert, Harry Smith, Jean Ruth   
3 F498
Barcome, Gale Parker, Althea V. 25 Dec 1941 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
4 F504
Buell, Harry Clemens Woodman, Shirley Frances 10 Nov 1979 Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts  
5 F2368
Cahall, unknown Smith, Tracy Linette   
6 F506
Cooper, Granville William Woodman, Janice Mary 03 Sep 1949 Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania  
7 F478
Crosby, Robert Daniel Harding, Cora May 23 May 1926 North Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
8 F27
Delvee, Joseph Fisher, Emerancy L. 01 Apr 1845 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
9 F476
Eddy, Robert Carpenter Harding, Ella Melinda 01 Jan 1880  
10 F508
Farmer, John Daniel Woodman, Janice Mary   
11 F540
Frederick, John Paul Smith, Jean Ruth   
12 F564
Fuchs, Joachim Daniel Scroggin, Rachel   
13 F541
Griffeth, Richard G. Smith, Jean Ruth   
14 F539
Harrier, Gordon Clearence Smith, Jean Ruth   
15 F593
Iorio, Robert Bankert, Jennifer Janice   
16 F509
Johnson, Phillip Gustaf Adolph French, Kathryn May   
17 F497
Parker, Howard Willis Condraski, Adele Cecila 12 Feb 1938 Petersburg, Rensselaer County, New York  
18 F481
Parker, Leon Willis Carlson, Agnes Otellia 7 Apr 1909 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
19 F482
Parker, Leon Willis Leahy, Florence I. 30 Aug 1941 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts  
20 F526
Pedigo, Joe Martin Whitney, Shirley Mae   
21 F571
Phipps, Mark Leroy Ward, Rayna Lynn   
22 F535
Roy, Robert Alan Scully, Susanne Mary   
23 F536
Roy, Robert Alan Boudreau, Jody Ann   
24 F503
Roy, Robert Gladwin Woodman, Shirley Frances 03 May 1942 Lowell, Middlesex County, Massachusetts  
25 F2369
Scarborough, unknown Smith, Tracy Linette   
26 F545
Smith, Jeffery Sidney last name unknown, Sherry   
27 F544
Smith, Jeffery Sidney Scott, Bonita Faye   
28 F543
Smith, Richard Harry Warren, Susan Margaret   
29 F505
Smith, Sidney H. Woodman, Janice Mary Feb 1939  
30 F573
Speanburg, Nathan Ward Carpenter, Sarah   
31 F491
Stone, Donald Herrick Ward, Margaret Nowell 18 Jul 1925 Chelmsford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts  
32 F469
Walker, Nathan Sumner Delvey, Mary Ann 11 Aug 1857 Oakham, Worcester County, Massachusetts  
33 F477
Ward, Everett Daniel Harding, Cora May 22 Oct 1885 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
34 F488
Ward, Harold Harding Blood, Elizabeth Ella 24 Jun 1913 Charlestown, Sullivan County, New Hampshire  
35 F501
Ward, Harold Harding Morse, Virginia Blanche 23 Feb 1948 Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire  
36 F492
Ward, Lawrence Carlyle Waterman, Edith Charlotte 06 Nov 1936 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
37 F507
Wheeler, Clarence "Cal" Edwin Woodman, Janice Mary   
38 F496
Whitney, Clifford Elmer Blair, Alta May 25 Feb 1919  
39 F525
Whitney, Clifford Harding Frink, Helen Jane 03 Oct 1939  
40 F479
Whitney, Elmer Derby Harding, Grace Idella 18 Apr 1888 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
41 F495
Whitney, Harding Wheeler Hines, Hazel Abt 1919  
42 F494
Whitney, Harding Wheeler Regnier, Elise Berenice 02 May 1921 Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts  
43 F523
Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln Trogdon, Patricia   
44 F485
Whitney, Watson H. White, Maud Yes, date unknown  
45 F592
Wokral, Brent Howard Bankert, Jennifer Janice   
46 F489
Woodman, Harry Lincoln Ward, Ruth Esther 02 Oct 1912 North Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts