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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts


City/Town : Latitude: 42.59593290000001, Longitude: -72.22673829999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Steven Bruce   I4079
2 Bailey, Donna Ann   I1768
3 Ballou, Jason Eric   I2922
4 Ballou, Roberta Carol   I3014
5 Ballou, Stephen Robert   I2385
6 Barber, Susan Marie  15 Apr 1955Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I241
7 Barnes, Charles Everett   I252
8 Barnes, Charles Lorln  23 Aug 1921Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I251
9 Barnes, Jean Marie   I253
10 Barnes, Larry Loriston   I254
11 Barrett, Polly  21 Apr 1796Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6255
12 Bergquist, Richard Earl   I2119
13 Boudreau, Jody Ann   I951
14 Boudreau, Joseph Omer Francis   I2801
15 Brown, Dorothy Evelyn  12 Nov 1907Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I457
16 Brown, Isreal  1803Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6254
17 Brown, Marjorie Mae  27 Sep 1905Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
18 Cady, Donald Harvey  Abt 1929Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1729
19 Cady, Ronald Harvey  Abt 1929Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1730
20 Clifford, Jean Marie  10 Dec 1925Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5488
21 Codding, Leo Nicholas  26 Apr 1893Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I3977
22 Codding, Marion Patricia   I3978
23 Coolidge, Bradford  27 Nov 1954Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6143
24 Coolidge, Curtis Allen   I605
25 Coolidge, John Craig  13 Sep 1952Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I604
26 Coolidge, Susan Martha  1 Jun 1959Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I606
27 Cornwell, David Leonard  29 Mar 1957Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2266
28 Cornwell, Michael   I2310
29 Crowl, Errol F.  20 Sep 1897Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1322
30 Dill, William Lysander  Oct 1854Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2447
31 Doubleday, Sandra Maude   I568
32 Duguay, Christopher Joseph   I1465
33 Duguay, Gerard Paul   I1464
34 Dunican, Daniel Roger   I1468
35 Dunican, Daphne Ann   I1461
36 Dunican, David Wayne   I1472
37 Dunican, Therese Marla  04 Dec 1961Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1469
38 Duplessie, W. Richard   I614
39 Duplessie, William Alexander  22 Jun 1928Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I613
40 Engel, Dean Raymond   I5870
41 Fleming, Brian J.   I1758
42 Fleming, Richard Stowell  08 Jan 1941Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1724
43 Geike, Bruce Michael CPO USN  05 Mar 1959Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I201
44 Geike, daughter   I5832
45 Geike, Frank Jr.  3 Apr 1931Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I200
46 Geike, Glenn Timothy   I202
47 Godin, Donna Marie   I4751
48 Grant, David Leslie   I216
49 Grant, William Joseph Jr.  26 Jun 1927Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I213
50 Holman, Carl Prescott  1933Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2417

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Ballou, Glenda Lee   I2384
2 Boudreau, Joseph Omer Francis   I2801
3 Roy, Robert Ward   I950
4 Truchinskas, Anthony Joseph   I2418
5 Truchinskas, Anthony Joseph Jr.   I2893
6 Truchinskas, Karen M.   I2892
7 Truchinskas, Paula Ann   I4066
8 Truchinskas, Susan Jean   I4065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rudvinskis, Anna  29 Sept 1946Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7176
2 Adams, Florence Cora  13 Mar 1971Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2346
3 Adams, Susie Stewart  13 Jan 1952Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2072
4 Baker, Harrison C.  30 Jul 1915Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4162
5 Ballou, Francis Henry  26 Nov 1995Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2351
6 Barber, Elwyn Chester  23 Mar 1996Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I172
7 Barber, Robert Weston  15 Apr 1963Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I107
8 Bergquist, Carl Frederick  03 Aug 1957Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2117
9 Breheau, Gladys Elizabeth  16 Dec 1969Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6878
10 Briggs, T. P.  Jul 1919Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1796
11 Brown, Blanche Ella  16 Jun 1965Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I3974
12 Brown, Dorothy Evelyn  15 Jan 1982Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I457
13 Brown, Marjorie Mae  14 Jun 1997Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
14 Buell, Harry Clemens  30 Sep 2002Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I889
15 Burke, James A.  Nov 1978Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1837
16 Cady, Donald Harvey  1939Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1729
17 Cady, Ronald Harvey  1939Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1730
18 Carpenter, Ella E.  May 1983Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2332
19 Carpenter, George R.  22 Feb 1988Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2347
20 Cedorchuk, Sophia  18 Feb 2010Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4646
21 Clough, Dana Paul Jr.  14 Dec 2000Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I3751
22 Coolidge, Arthur R.  24 May 2016Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I577
23 Coolidge, Bradford  15 Feb 2012Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6143
24 Coolidge, Chester Delvee  16 Nov 1990Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I342
25 Coolidge, Claire  18 Dec 1993Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I578
26 Coolidge, Dorothy Pomona  1 Apr 1986Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I336
27 Cornwell, Rodney Wayne  17 Feb 1968Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2262
28 Delvey, Hattie Irene  01 Dec 1967Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I65
29 Delvey, Ruby Jane  16 Jun 1945Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I61
30 Dill, Richard Vaughn  17 Sep 2013Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7291
31 Dill, Dexter Lysander  25 Aug 1972Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2577
32 Dill, Lillian V.  09 Jan 2004Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2574
33 Dill, Violet Mable  12 Jun 2004Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2572
34 Doubleday, Helena Anna  10 Feb 1927Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I415
35 Doubleday, Margaret  14 Mar 1976Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I417
36 Eaton, Grais D.  13 May 2002Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1143
37 Fellows, June A.  16 Mar 2008Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5512
38 Field, Ruth  18 Apr 1973Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1043
39 Fleming, Erroll E.  26 Sep 1962Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1690
40 French, Harold Floyd  21 Jun 1964Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I852
41 Geike, Frank Jr.  9 Dec 1995Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I200
42 Gibbs, Elizabeth Delva  30 Jul 2000Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2065
43 Gibbs, William H.  10 Feb 1969Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2064
44 Grant, Jeffrey John  20 Oct 2005Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I217
45 Grant, William Joseph  11 Feb 1971Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I214
46 Grant, William Joseph Jr.  18 Jul 2014Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I213
47 Graves, Mabel Orissa  11 Mar 1975Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I171
48 Hough, Pershing A.  04 Jun 1959Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2128
49 Hunter, Mary Louise  23 Sep 1961Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1666
50 Hunter, Mildred Evangiline  24 May 1909Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1694

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Delaner, Juliette  Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1785


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Placidas  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7795
2 Placidas  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7795
3 Rudvinskis, Anna  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7176
4 Rudvinskis, Anna  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7176
5 Rudvinskis, Anna  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7176
6 Abbott, Elizabeth Adelia  1900Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I396
7 Bagdonas, Longinas  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7794
8 Bagdonas, Longinas  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7794
9 Bagdonas, Stanley A.  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I612
10 Bagdonas, Stanley A.  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I612
11 Baker, Harrison C.  1900Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4162
12 Baker, Harrison C.  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4162
13 Barnes, Charles Lorln  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I251
14 Barnes, Charles Lorln  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I251
15 Barnes, Loriston L  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4176
16 Barnes, Loriston L  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4176
17 Billings, Jeremiah B.  1880Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2477
18 Borell, Marie Fredrika  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5910
19 Borell, Marie Fredrika  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5910
20 Borell, Marie Fredrika  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5910
21 Breheau, Gladys Elizabeth  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6878
22 Breheau, Gladys Elizabeth  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6878
23 Breheau, Thomas S.  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7295
24 Brown, Burt C.  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7503
25 Brown, Burt C.  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7503
26 Brown, Burt C.  1920Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7503
27 Brown, Dorothy Evelyn  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I457
28 Brown, Marjorie Mae  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
29 Brown, Marjorie Mae  1920Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
30 Brown, Marjorie Mae  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
31 Brown, Marjorie Mae  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
32 Burke, Dustin Mahlon   I1839
33 Burke, Dustin Mahlon   I1839
34 Burke, James A.  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1837
35 Burke, James A.  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1837
36 Burke, James Alfred   I1838
37 Burke, James Alfred   I1838
38 Burke, Joanne Evelyn   I1840
39 Burke, Joanne Evelyn   I1840
40 Burke, Robert Alexander   I1841
41 Burke, Susan Estelle   I1842
42 Butler, Addie  1910Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7684
43 Callanan, Dorothy Mary  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I585
44 Clarke, Asaph  1870Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7545
45 Clarke, Ella R.  1870Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I339
46 Coolidge, Charles Frederick  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I430
47 Delaner, Juliette  1880Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1785
48 Delvey, George Nelson  1855Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I41
49 Dill, Richard Vaughn  1930Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7291
50 Dill, Richard Vaughn  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7291

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Doubleday, Myron Nehemiah  1942Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I309
2 Grant, William Joseph  5 Jun 1918Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I214
3 Grant, William Joseph  1942Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I214
4 Simonds, Carl Joseph  5 Jun 1917Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I451
5 Stone, Herman Gerry  5 Jun 1917Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Manjourea, LeAnne   I6524


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Charles Lorln  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I251
2 McKay, Peter Boyer  1961Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2162

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Simonds, Carl Joseph  28 Jun 1913Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MISC    Person ID 
1 Doubleday, Myron Nehemiah  1926Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I309
2 Duplessie, William Alexander  1950Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I613
3 Hunter, Walter Pierce  1917Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1672
4 McKenney, Donald Walter  1947Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I170
5 Preble, Arthur Eugene  1925Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I596
6 Tandy, Huber Wilbert  1946Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I569
7 Wetmore, Roy Delvey  1942Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I95


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rudvinskis, Anna  1944Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7176
2 Adams, Clifford   I6142
3 Armentrout, Richard W.   I6038
4 Armentrout, Richard W.   I6038
5 Armentrout, Richard W.   I6038
6 Atherton, Eleanor Marie  1957Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I144
7 Ballou, Bette Jo-an   I2382
8 Ballou, Betty-Sue R.N.   I2358
9 Ballou, Glenda Lee   I2384
10 Ballou, Stephen Robert   I2385
11 Barber, Eloise Viola  1940Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I102
12 Barnes, David Allen   I255
13 Barnes, David Allen   I255
14 Bergquist, Edward Herbert   I2120
15 Bergquist, Edward Herbert   I2120
16 Boiteau, Cecile J.  1952Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I234
17 Borell, Marie Fredrika  1944Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5910
18 Brown, Dorothy Evelyn  1957Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I457
19 Brown, Marjorie Mae  1960Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I154
20 Burke, James A.  1924Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1837
21 Burke, James Alfred   I1838
22 Burnett, Beverly   I2812
23 Coffin, unknown   I6034
24 Conkey, Jean Amanda   I734
25 Coolidge, Bradford  Dec 2006Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I6143
26 Coolidge, Chester Delvee  1957Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I342
27 Coolidge, Claire  Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I578
28 Coolidge, Claire  1958Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I578
29 Coolidge, Nancy L.   I6141
30 Cormier, John J.   I2711
31 Davis, Donna Lynn   I2286
32 Delva, Lois Ann   I2107
33 Delvey, Hattie Irene  1967Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I65
34 Deyo, Gladys  1932Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7531
35 Doyle, Jennifer Shepherd   I2683
36 Dubriske, Mary Edwina Margaret   I1466
37 Duguay, Virgil J.   I1463
38 Dunican, Arline Neva   I1260
39 Duplessie, W. Richard   I614
40 Duplessie, William Alexander  1959Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I613
41 Fellows, Gloria M.   I5514
42 Gardner, Doris   I1862
43 Geike, Frank  1932Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I204
44 Geike, Frank Jr.  1957Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I200
45 Gillis, Barbara Jean  1959Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I450
46 Grant, Jeffrey John  1993Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I217
47 Grant, Jeffrey John  1996Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I217
48 Grant, Robert Peter   I218
49 Grant, William Joseph Jr.  23 Apr 1996Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts I213
50 Grant, William Marshall   I215

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Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Hunter   F1045
2 Ballou / Zamitis  24 Apr 1982Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1398
3 Barnes / Ralys   F383
4 Boudreau / Burnett   F590
5 Bowley / Coolidge  05 Oct 1934Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F216
6 Briggs / Simonds   F1266
7 Buell / Woodman  10 Nov 1979Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F504
8 Burke / Brackett   F1094
9 Burke / Howe   F1093
10 Coolidge / Brown  22 Apr 1949Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F215
11 Coolidge / Houghton  24 Dec 1884Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F171
12 Davis / McKay   F1286
13 Hatch / Moore  15 Aug 1942Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2806
14 Hood / Shepardson  06 Jul 1918Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F725
15 Hood / Strack  14 Feb 1897Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F804
16 Houghton / Rice  4 Jul 1851Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F208
17 Hunt / Gardner   F1092
18 Hunter / Fratus  18 Jun 1904Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1005
19 Hunter / LeBreton   F1044
20 Leavitt / Davis   F1352
21 Lint / Hager   F1637
22 MacNeill / Robbins  20 Nov 1913Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1603
23 Moore / Cedorchuk  04 Mar 1936Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F676
24 Moore / Flagg  27 Sep 1913Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2801
25 Moore / Trask  30 Jan 1915Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F677
26 Moore / Trask  02 Mar 1925Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F680
27 Morris / Truchinskas   F2042
28 O'Brien / Chesley   F1338
29 Plotkin / Shepardson   F831
30 Preble / Barnes  5 Aug 1918Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F385
31 Reid / McKenney   F138
32 Roy / Boudreau   F536
33 Ruchford / Shepardson   F832
34 Smith / Kidder  04 May 1887Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1202
35 Soucie / Moore  11 Jul 1908Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2803
36 Talcott / Tatro  Yes, date unknownAthol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1073
37 Thompson / Davis   F1356
38 Truchinskas / Ballou   F1423
39 Watts / Smith  22 Jun 1928Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1239
40 Wetmore / Brown  22 Nov 1927Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F80
41 Wetmore / Rock  09 Apr 1926Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F82
42 Whitney / Warner  02 Oct 1942Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1253
43 Zamitis / Rudvinskis  22 Apr 1907Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F2732

Marriage Intentions

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   Family    Marriage Intentions    Family ID 
1 Delvey / Chase  17 Mar 1850Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts F40