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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Chester, Windsor County, Vermont


City/Town : Latitude: 43.2628476, Longitude: -72.59510820000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bingham, Bernice Ruby  19 Mar 1917Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1585
2 Bosworth, Wilma Gaynell  1 Oct 1903Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1565
3 Hoar, Achsah  Abt 1821Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8510
4 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  31 Oct 1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1588
5 Kingsbury, Edna Marion  18 Oct 1909Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1558
6 Kingsbury, Fenwick Walter  6 May 1943Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1589
7 Kingsbury, Francis Elbridge  15 Mar 1907Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1556
8 Kingsbury, Fred Raymond  20 Jul 1904Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1554
9 Kingsbury, Juanita Achsah   I1587
10 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  12 Dec 1900Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1552
11 Kingsbury, Marjory Eleanor  30 Jul 1911Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1559
12 Kingsbury, Mildred Elizabeth  21 Aug 1905Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1555
13 Kingsbury, Patricia Jean   I1591
14 Kingsbury, Ralph Francis  21 Jul 1934Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1586
15 Kingsbury, Ralph Martin  4 Sep 1902Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1553
16 Kingsbury, Ruth Delight  7 Jul 1908Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1557
17 Kingsbury, Theodore Ellery Elmwood  16 Dec 1912Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1560
18 Kingsbury, Virginia Marrie   I1592
19 Moore, Stella G.  2 Oct 1863Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8813
20 Spring, George L.  13 Apr 1834Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8796
21 Spring, Mary Ida  16 Apr 1864Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bingham, Bernice Ruby  13 May 2001Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1585
2 Burnap, Lydia Ann  22 Jan 1890Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I3976
3 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  16 Mar 1984Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
4 Kingsbury, Edna Marion  16 Jan 1998Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1558
5 Kingsbury, Fred Raymond  17 Oct 1993Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1554
6 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  13 Feb 1975Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1551
7 Kingsbury, Ralph Martin  22 Oct 1902Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1553
8 Kingsbury, Ruth Delight  19 Oct 1923Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1557
9 Leonard, Flossie Achsah  21 Feb 1957Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1546
10 Magoon, Robert Elton  1 Feb 1988Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1575
11 Martin, Mary A.  4 Jun 1913Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I7020
12 Moore, Asa Wilder  21 May 1898Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I6247
13 Moore, John Harvey  5 Feb 1894Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8789
14 Putnam, Arthur Raymond  30 Nov 1995Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1594
15 Putnam, Harold Don  2 Mar 1957Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1593
16 Whitney, Lysander S.  3 May 1906Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I2759


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Mary H.  1880Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I7378
2 Allard, Fenton Lawrence  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1583
3 Barton, Hugh Asa  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1127
4 Barton, Hugh Asa  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1127
5 Bingham, Bernice Ruby  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1585
6 Bingham, Bernice Ruby  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1585
7 Bingham, Bernice Ruby  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1585
8 Bingham, Frederick Ralph  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8559
9 Bingham, Frederick Ralph  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8559
10 Blackham, Emma Frances  1870Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8812
11 Bosworth, Leon H.  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8536
12 Bosworth, Leon H.  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8536
13 Bosworth, Wilma Gaynell  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1565
14 Bosworth, Wilma Gaynell  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1565
15 Bosworth, Wilma Gaynell  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1565
16 Johnson, Gladys Goodrich  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8560
17 Johnson, Gladys Goodrich  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8560
18 Johnson, Jessie May  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8537
19 Johnson, Jessie May  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I8537
20 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  1900Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1549
21 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1549
22 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1549
23 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1549
24 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1549
25 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  1900Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
26 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
27 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
28 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
29 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
30 Kingsbury, Edna Marion  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1558
31 Kingsbury, Edna Marion  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1558
32 Kingsbury, Edna Marion  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1558
33 Kingsbury, Francis Elbridge  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1556
34 Kingsbury, Francis Elbridge  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1556
35 Kingsbury, Francis Elbridge  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1556
36 Kingsbury, Francis Elbridge  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1556
37 Kingsbury, Fred Raymond  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1554
38 Kingsbury, Fred Raymond  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1554
39 Kingsbury, Fred Raymond  1930Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1554
40 Kingsbury, Herbert Ramond  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1566
41 Kingsbury, Juanita Achsah   I1587
42 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1552
43 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  1900Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1551
44 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1551
45 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1551
46 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1551
47 Kingsbury, Marjory Eleanor  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1559
48 Kingsbury, Mildred Elizabeth  1910Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1555
49 Kingsbury, Mildred Elizabeth  1920Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1555
50 Kingsbury, Ralph Francis  1940Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1586

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  12 Sep 1918Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1549
2 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  5 Jun 1918Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1550
3 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  12 Sep 1918Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1551
4 Moore, Asa Wilder  1863Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I6247
5 Moore, Jason  1863Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I6252


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Kingsbury, Arthur Elbridge  1959Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1588
2 Kingsbury, Fenwick Walter  1961Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1589
3 Putnam, Arthur Raymond  1949Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1594


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allard, Fenton Lawrence  5 Jun 1917Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1583
2 Kingsbury, Juanita Achsah   I1587
3 Kingsbury, Kristi   I8573
4 Kingsbury, Marjory Eleanor  1992Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1559
5 Kingsbury, Marjory Eleanor  Feb 2005Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1559
6 Magoon, Robert Elton  1988Chester, Windsor County, Vermont I1575
7 Smith, Kristine Marie   I7133


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allard / Kingsbury  19 Dec 1931Chester, Windsor County, Vermont F943
2 Barton / Shepardson  25 Dec 1923Chester, Windsor County, Vermont F647
3 Kingsbury / Bingham  18 Mar 1934Chester, Windsor County, Vermont F944
4 Kingsbury / Bosworth  3 May 1924Chester, Windsor County, Vermont F938
5 Kingsbury / Bowler   F3384
6 Kingsbury / DeMond   F3378
7 Kingsbury / Moore  20 Sep 1945Chester, Windsor County, Vermont F950
8 Kingsbury / Morrison   F3381
9 Pollard / Kingsbury   F3376
10 Pollard / Parker   F3377
11 Putnam / Kingsbury  7 Jul 1928Chester, Windsor County, Vermont F945
12 Putnam / Paige    F3388

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Kingsbury / Bowler   F3384
2 Kingsbury / DeMond   F3378
3 Kingsbury / Morrison   F3381