Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.6959093, Longitude: -72.45288849999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clough, Richard W.   I5081
2 Simonds, Samuel H.  26 Sep 1804Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2675
3 Field, Frederick Harrison  30 Apr 1816Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3432
4 Field, Horace Franklin  Abt 1818Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6240
5 Simonds, Charles Russell  15 Nov 1826Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I289
6 Collier, George Emerson  16 Apr 1828Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1057
7 Field, Elizabeth Ann  11 Aug 1828Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5301
8 Caldwell, Hannah Marie  19 Feb 1833Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6576
9 Stoddard, Levi Aaron  Abt 1842Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1071
10 Moore, Eliza Ellen  Abt 1844Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5739
11 Doolittle, Prentice C.  30 May 1847Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2046
12 Field, George Warren  29 May 1849Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I74
13 Simonds, George Russell  02 Apr 1852Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I290
14 Field, Sumner Wallace  1 Nov 1853Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
15 Gee, Emma Frances  15 Sep 1854Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I493
16 Moore, Lezzie A.  1858Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I367
17 Collier, Eugenia Laura  1860Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1056
18 Worden, Lena J.  1861Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2030
19 Parker, Willis King  21 Aug 1863Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I818
20 Whitaker, Frank Carter  10 Dec 1869Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I304
21 Whitaker, Mary Emogene  31 Dec 1872Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I305
22 Mason, Arthur Warren  9 Sep 1879Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5184
23 Miller, Leon Clark  30 Nov 1882Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I393
24 Miller, Carrie Louise  7 Dec 1884Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I394
25 Moore, Josephine Lillian  24 Jan 1888Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1058
26 Whitaker, Mary Hellen  3 Feb 1890Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I397
27 Miller, George Henry  25 Sep 1891Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I395
28 Whitaker, Viola Belle  25 Sep 1892Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I398
29 Park, Ruby Antoinette  2 Feb 1895Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I405
30 Shepardson, Doris Mary  1 Mar 1896Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1112
31 Park, Marion S.  Feb 1898Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I407
32 Prouty, Orriville Winfield  02 Mar 1902Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3798
33 Plaistridge, Francis Lamson  30 May 1902Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I480
34 Williams, Donald Reed  15 Feb 1903Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2559
35 Irish, Gertrude Hazel  11 Oct 1904Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2554
36 Irish, Winifred Harvey  17 Jul 1906Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2550
37 Whitney, Sadie Ruth  27 Oct 1908Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I138
38 Shepardson, Ruth Neva  7 Apr 1909Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1115
39 Whitney, Elizabeth Ardelia  20 Nov 1909Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I139
40 Clough, Richard Warren  04 Apr 1910Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I128
41 Clough, Doris May  01 Feb 1912Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I129
42 Newton, Marion Elenor  8 Jul 1912Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I712
43 Miller, Jennie  07 Nov 1912Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5045
44 Clough, Charles Rollin  06 Mar 1914Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I130
45 Miller, Florence Helen  14 Sep 1914Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I529
46 Clough, Verna Ruth  31 May 1916Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I131
47 Miller, Theodore Raymond  21 Nov 1916Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I530
48 Schryba, Helen  06 Dec 1917Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2620
49 French, Thelma Ada  30 Apr 1918Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I719
50 Miller, Kenneth Leonidas  8 Aug 1918Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I531

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Simonds, Samuel H.  02 Jun 1842Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2675
2 Simonds, Charles Russell  18 May 1859Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I289
3 Hale, Harriet  05 Jun 1866Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2676
4 Whitaker, George H.  7 Jun 1879Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I301
5 Shepardson, Alonso Wilder  1891Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I981
6 Field, Frederick Harrison  17 Feb 1893Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3432
7 Delvy, Mary Antoinette  07 Mar 1894Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I272
8 Miller, Marcellus C.  28 Oct 1895Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4944
9 Parker, Henry Baxter  21 Nov 1897Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6575
10 Caldwell, Hannah Marie  20 Jan 1899Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6576
11 Whitaker, Amos  28 Oct 1900Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I271
12 Collier, George Emerson  20 May 1902Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1057
13 Pierce, Philander  9 Sep 1903Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1630
14 Delvey, Ruth Ellen  23 Feb 1917Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I51
15 Field, George Warren  04 Feb 1919Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I74
16 Mason, Henry Hudson  16 Oct 1921Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5186
17 Whitaker, Louise Maria  22 Feb 1923Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I303
18 Bruce, Georgia A.  24 Apr 1925Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7848
19 Miller, Leonidas Clark  21 Jan 1926Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I392
20 Johnson, Fred Evans  8 Apr 1930Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1013
21 Williams, Donald Reed  25 Dec 1931Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2559
22 Clough, Rachel M.  15 Mar 1934Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7456
23 French, Aiden Sawin  19 Aug 1940Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7847
24 Field, George Allen  02 Jul 1947Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I76
25 Daley, Nellie Josephine  3 Oct 1948Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I117
26 Walker, James Howard  18 Mar 1949Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5068
27 Miller, Leon Clark  10 Jul 1950Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I393
28 Field, Alice Maud  09 May 1954Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I77
29 Morgan, Edward Miles  16 Jan 1956Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2445
30 Jaynes, Minnie Louise  12 Aug 1957Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2485
31 Field, Ethel May  14 May 1961Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I78
32 Hale, Lula Mossie  6 Sep 1966Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I526
33 Whitney, Ernest Clifton  5 Nov 1966Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I135
34 Clough, Charles Rollin  18 Apr 1969Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I130
35 Clough, Fred Eugene  9 Oct 1970Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I126
36 Clough, Harold George  20 Oct 1972Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I127
37 Morgan, Edmund Miles  17 Mar 1976Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2551
38 Leyden, Peter Jr.  May 1978Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4532
39 Morgan, Joseph Giles  May 1983Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2490
40 Walker, William Cottle  4 Jul 1986Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I715
41 Walker, William Cottle Jr.  4 Jul 1986Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I716
42 Irish, Winifred Harvey  27 Oct 1994Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2550
43 Irish, Gertrude Hazel  15 Jul 1998Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2554
44 Matosky, Esther Sophia  13 Mar 2000Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7450
45 Clough, Shirley Mae  2 Sep 2010Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7459


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Park, Marion S.  Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I407


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Brigham, Charles  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2319
2 Brigham, Charles Samuel  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2321
3 Brigham, Emily Emma  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2320
4 Brigham, Sarah Ann  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2322
5 Delvee, Sarah Ann  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I31
6 Doolittle, Charlotte  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3433
7 Field, Frederick Harrison  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3432
8 Field, George Warren  1850Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I74
9 Sarah J.  1855Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8659
10 Delvy, Sarah Ruth  1855Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I266
11 Putney, John B.  1855Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8658
12 Putney, John William  1855Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1661
13 Simonds, Charles Russell  1855Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I289
14 Simonds, George Russell  1855Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I290
15 Gee, Emma Frances  1860Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I493
16 Sarah J.  1865Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8659
17 Field, Horace Franklin  1865Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6240
18 Field, Sumner Wallace  1865Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
19 Putney, John B.  1865Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8658
20 Putney, John William  1865Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1661
21 Sarah N.  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5344
22 Field, Elizabeth Ann  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5301
23 Field, Horace Franklin  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6240
24 Field, Sumner Wallace  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
25 Gee, Emma Frances  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I493
26 Pierce, Louise Rebecca  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1642
27 Pierce, Lucy Jenette  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1644
28 Pierce, Philander  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1630
29 Wilber, Emerson G.  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3784
30 Wilber, Thaddeus M.  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5343
31 Wilber, Thaddius Henry  1870Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I379
32 Delvey, Luke  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I42
33 Delvy, Mary Antoinette  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I272
34 Dresser, Mary M.  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1005
35 Field, Elizabeth Ann  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5301
36 Lovering, Catherine Isabella  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5187
37 Mason, Henry Hudson  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5186
38 Miller, Leonidas Clark  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I392
39 Miller, Marcellus C.  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4944
40 Pierce, Philander  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1630
41 Shepardson, Alonso Wilder  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I981
42 Shepardson, Clara Ellen  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1007
43 Shepardson, Henry Eugene  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I992
44 Whitaker, Amos  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I271
45 Whitaker, Charles Herbert  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I302
46 Whitaker, Frank Carter  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I304
47 Whitaker, Louise Maria  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I303
48 Whitaker, Mary Emogene  1880Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I305
49 Adeline  1900Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7702
50 Clough, Fred Eugene  1900Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I126

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Clough, Fred Eugene  12 Sep 1918Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I126
2 Miller, Leon Clark  12 Sep 1918Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I393
3 Whitney, Ernest Clifton  12 Sep 1918Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I135
4 Miller, Leon Clark  1942Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I393
5 Whitney, Ernest Clifton  1942Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Mankowsky, Carroll WIlliam  1936Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8179
2 Whitney, Madelyn May  1938Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I140
3 Shearer, Velma Irene  1939Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I722
4 Jones, Rua Louise  1945Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2629
5 Burke, Dustin Mahlon  1946Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1839


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MISC    Person ID 
1 Field, George Allen  12 Sep 1918Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I76
2 Bolton, Edward Charles  1940Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I515


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Robert   I2660
2 Leavis, Carrie Louise  1914Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1171
3 Morgan, Miles Edmund  1920Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2489
4 Field, Delphine Elizabeth  Before 1952Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I122
5 Whitney, Ernest Clifton  1966Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I135
6 Rochon, Rolland F.   I1478
7 Bolton, Edward Charles  1986Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I515
8 Miller, Ethel Louise  1994Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I532
9 Miller, Florence Helen  1994Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I529
10 Miller, Kenneth Leonidas  1994Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I531
11 Miller, Ethel Louise  1998Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I532
12 Miller, Florence Helen  1998Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I529
13 Miller, Kenneth Brandon   I3028
14 Miller, Kenneth Leonidas  1998Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I531
15 Miller, Florence Helen  1999Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I529
16 Dunnell, Skip  Sep 2003Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5556
17 last name unknown, Christine   I5557
18 Shearer, Velma Irene  2006Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I722
19 Hartford, Phyllis A.   I6134
20 Whitney, Warren   I6133
21 Whitney, Lawrence Delvey  2007Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I141
22 Miller, David Alan   I5047
23 Whitney, Daniel   I7492
24 Whitney, Laurie   I7493
25 Miller, Ethel Louise  2013Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Pierce, Philander  7 Aug 1903Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1630


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Pierce / Field  29 Oct 1864Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F972
2 Putney / Pierce  3 Oct 1867Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F984
3 Moore / Collier  16 Nov 1887Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F626
4 Kidder / Moody  19 Feb 1892Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1201
5 Plaistridge / Lamson  3 Sep 1901Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F228
6 Park / Miller  27 Aug 1902Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F252
7 Field / Williamson  12 Apr 1905Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2842
8 Miller / Hale  5 Sep 1908Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F250
9 Johnson / Leavis  8 Oct 1914Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F694
10 Turner / Morgan  06 May 1922Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1499
11 Lawrence / Park  24 Jun 1922Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F256
12 Field / Bailey  8 Feb 1924Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F66
13 Waite / Whitney  9 Sep 1926Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2694
14 Morgan / Irish  22 Sep 1926Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1497
15 Williams / Morgan  25 Jun 1927Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1501
16 Morgan / Irish  19 Apr 1928Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1498
17 Clough / Wright  15 Aug 1929Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2866
18 Miller / Newton  31 Mar 1931Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F340
19 McKenstry / Morgan  01 Jul 1933Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1500
20 Miller / French  30 Dec 1936Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F342
21 Clough / Matosky  30 Aug 1940Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2865
22 Miller / Shearer  04 Oct 1940Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F343
23 Clough / Williams  2 Feb 1941Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2868
24 Miller / Allen  1 May 1944Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F345
25 Deane / Field  19 Jul 1944Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F101
26 Carpenter / Miller  22 Jun 1946Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F344
27 Clough / Serrell  29 Jun 1946Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2871
28 Park / Nichols  20 Sep 1948Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2978
29 Field / Bergeron  7 Apr 1951Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F102
30 Morgan / Jones  8 Apr 1951Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1523
31 Field / Newton   F98
32 Walker / Kittredge   F2309
33 Taylor / Leonard   F1530
34 Miller / Smith   F2324
35 Murray / Dunnell   F2336
36 Miller / Leonard   F1531
37 McComb / Davis   F2466
38 McComb / Davis   F2647
39 Schmidt / Walker   F2311
40 Lawrence / Murray   F2338
41 Walker / Slattery   F2318
42 Walker / Baker   F2319
43 Gibson / Murray   F2339
44 Shaw / Fowler   F2305
45 Beaman / Walker   F2312
46 Ballou / Leavis   F1438