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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.590354, Longitude: -72.3097914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Trim, Sarah Caroline  16 Jan 1820Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I986
152 Ward, Eddie Levi  18 Sep 1868Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7500
153 Ward, Ina Elizabeth  11 Aug 1898Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I153
154 Ward, Thomas H.  28 Mar 1814Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2680
155 Warner, Alice Margaret  28 Apr 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2193
156 Webster, Berthalene Isadore Amelia  09 Aug 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4583
157 Webster, Diane Lyn   I963
158 Wetmore, Dorothy Flora   I159
159 Whitaker, Carl Harold  6 Feb 1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I385
160 Whitney, Clifford Elmer  17 Oct 1893Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I833
161 Whitney, Frank Ralph  07 Oct 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2055
162 Whitney, Gene Cortland  17 Feb 1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2114
163 Whitney, Glenn Elmer  26 Oct 1895Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2056
164 Whitney, Glenn Elmer Jr.  28 Jul 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2113
165 Whitney, Maude Beatrice  08 Jan 1887Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2054
166 Whitney, Richard Charlton  17 Jun 1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2112
167 Whitney, Walter Chester  27 Jul 1868Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
168 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  19 Nov 1897Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
169 Wilber, Leo Thaddeus  21 Dec 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I380
170 Wilber, Thaddius Henry  Dec 1860Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I379

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
151 Field, Emma Gertrude  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1040
152 Field, Estella Louise  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1047
153 Field, Horace Franklyn  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1044
154 Field, Horace Franklyn  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1044
155 Field, Mary Alice  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1042
156 Field, Mary Alice  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1042
157 Field, Mary Alice  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1042
158 Field, Mary Alice  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1042
159 Field, Ruth Annette  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1043
160 Field, Ruth Annette  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1043
161 Field, Ruth Annette  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1043
162 Field, Ruth Annette  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1043
163 Field, Ruth Annette  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1043
164 Field, Sumner Wallace  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
165 Field, Sumner Wallace  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
166 Field, Sumner Wallace  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
167 Fleming, Edward Percival  1880Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
168 Fleming, Edward Percival  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
169 Fleming, Edward Percival  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
170 Fleming, Edward Percival  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
171 Fleming, Edward Percival  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
172 Fleming, Edward Percival  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
173 Fleming, Erroll Edward  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
174 Fleming, Erroll Edward  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
175 Fleming, Erroll Edward Jr.  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1722
176 Fleming, Erroll Edward  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
177 Fleming, Erroll Edward  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
178 Fleming, Erroll Edward Jr.  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1722
179 Fleming, Frederick W.  1880Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5270
180 Fleming, Frederick W.  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5270
181 Fleming, Mearle William  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1691
182 Fleming, Mearle William  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1691
183 Fleming, Mearle William  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1691
184 Fleming, Mearle William  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1691
185 Fleming, Nancy  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1723
186 French, Harold Floyd  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I852
187 French, Harold Floyd  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I852
188 French, June Louise  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I853
189 French, Kathryn May   I854
190 Graves, Chester E.  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7431
191 Graves, Mabel Orissa  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I171
192 Graves, Mabel Orissa  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I171
193 Hallberg, Nettie Victoria  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2570
194 Hallberg, Nettie Victoria  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2570
195 Hallberg, Nettie Victoria  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2570
196 Hallberg, Pehr Gustaf  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6883
197 Hallberg, Pehr Gustaf  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6883
198 Harding, Cora May  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I814
199 Harding, Cora May  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I814
200 Harding, Cora May  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I814

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