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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.3584308, Longitude: -71.0597732


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sarah J.  Abt 1824Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8659
2 Barrows, Arthur Owen  1 Oct 1884Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I412
3 Coolidge, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1911Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I444
4 Coolidge, unknown girl   I5863
5 Coombs, Lee Howard  1 Dec 1917Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1305
6 Coombs, Richard Arthur  22 Jun 1946Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1306
7 Doyle, Thomas Francis Jr.   I1454
8 Draper, Eleanor Emma  30 Aug 1916Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1234
9 Gillis, Francis Palmer  17 Aug 1886Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I447
10 Godin, Jeffrey Paul   I2292
11 Goodale, Joseph A.  Abt 1863Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1684
12 Green, Ada Francis  5 Aug 1865Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1656
13 Green, Bertha May  13 Nov 1878Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1653
14 Green, Elsie Jane  5 Sep 1875Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1652
15 Green, George Abbott  30 Aug 1868Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1650
16 Green, Lucy Edna  2 Sep 1880Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1654
17 Greene, Lillie A.  20 Mar 1876Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5250
18 Jeffers, Eileen Claire   I5018
19 Kerns, Brayden Reed   I7850
20 Kerns, Parker Marie   I7852
21 Krush, Katherine Jennings   I5443
22 last name unknown, Rebecca Erin   I2971
23 McConnell, Julia  22 Aug 1966Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I643
24 Ridley, Alton Warren Jr.  Abt 1917Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8532
25 Royce, Diane Louise   I1379
26 Stone, Frederick  Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8538
27 Truelson, Sylvia Linnea  11 Nov 1933Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1427
28 Wetmore, Asa Charles   I2691
29 Whitenett, William Alva   I1447
30 Whitney, Cam Laura   I7515
31 Whitney, Charles Curley   I4513
32 Whitney, Luke Emmett   I7516
33 Whitney, Margaret Diane   I7517
34 Wrightson, Mark Stephen   I4871


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrows, Geneva Margarette  1 Apr 1953Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I413
2 Bolton, Edward Charles  24 Aug 1986Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I515
3 Coolidge, George William  28 Jun 1902Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I280
4 Coolidge, Horace Ober Jr.  16 Jan 2010Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I438
5 Coolidge, Roger Earle Jr.  2 Mar 1981Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I433
6 Coolidge, Susan Martha  11 May 1976Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I606
7 Delvy, Susan Carter  11 Feb 1908Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I265
8 Dingwell, Elsie M.  30 Mar 1977Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5904
9 Dingwell, Harold J.  25 Sep 1992Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6715
10 Green, Bertha May  16 Jun 1931Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1653
11 Green, George Newton  11 Nov 1919Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1634
12 Hunt, Donald Ellis  04 Sep 1953Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1801
13 Hutchins, Janet Graham  22 Apr 1934Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6697
14 Magoon, Albert Ernest  15 Jun 1997Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1570
15 Mundell, Kenneth Alton  Jan 1965Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2591
16 Parker, Linda  16 Feb 2012Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I872
17 Rossi, Francis  28 Dec 2001Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8529
18 Shepardson, Elliott Alphozo  9 May 1931Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1016
19 Ward, William Warren  26 Feb 1996Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I883
20 Wherin, Lucy J.  26 Jul 1870Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1649
21 Whitney, John Oscar  18 Feb 1923Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6696
22 Wilber, Lizzie Antoinette RN  24 Jan 1928Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I67
23 Wyman, Ernest Edward  Mar 1954Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2540
24 Wyman, Guy Francis  7 Sep 1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2484
25 Wyman, Mary Reta  Between 1930 and 1931Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Caroline N.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8342
2 Ida R.  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8461
3 Louise  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8335
4 Lucy R.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I7678
5 Mary  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I7682
6 Mary  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I7682
7 Chamberlain, Ruth G.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2063
8 Clarke, Ella R.  1880Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I339
9 Coolidge, Elizabeth  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I444
10 Coolidge, Elizabeth  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I444
11 Coolidge, Ruth Sarah  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I288
12 Coolidge, Stanley Louis  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I332
13 Coolidge, Stanley Louis  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I332
14 Coombs, Arthur  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8394
15 Coombs, Lee Howard  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1305
16 Cousins, Emma A.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1651
17 Cousins, Emma A.  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1651
18 Cousins, Emma A.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1651
19 Dingwell, Chester M.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6710
20 Dingwell, Chester M.  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6710
21 Dingwell, Chester M.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6710
22 Dingwell, Chester M.  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6710
23 Dingwell, Donald  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5911
24 Dingwell, Elsie M.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5904
25 Dingwell, Elsie M.  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5904
26 Dingwell, Elsie M.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5904
27 Dingwell, Elsie M.   I6714
28 Dingwell, Elsie M.  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5904
29 Dingwell, Harold C.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6711
30 Dingwell, Harold C.  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6711
31 Dingwell, Harold C.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6711
32 Dingwell, Harold C.  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I6711
33 Dingwell, John Collier  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1680
34 Dingwell, John Collier  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1680
35 Dingwell, Mary W.   I6713
36 Draper, Eleanor Emma  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1234
37 Draper, Eleanor Emma  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1234
38 Draper, George W.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8334
39 Draper, George W.  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I8334
40 Gillis, Francis Palmer  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I447
41 Gillis, Francis Palmer  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I447
42 Gillis, William J.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I7681
43 Goodale, Gladys   I1686
44 Goodale, Gladys   I1686
45 Goodale, Gladys   I1686
46 Goodale, Grace S.  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1685
47 Goodale, Grace S.  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1685
48 Goodale, Grace S.  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1685
49 Green, Ada Francis  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1656
50 Green, Ada Francis  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1656

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Coolidge, Stanley Louis  12 Sep 1918Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Childs, Alfred  16 Apr 1888Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1219
2 Childs, Walter Edwin  16 Apr 1888Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1222
3 Fish, Lewis  22 Jul 1887Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1168
4 Summers, Rebecca Jane  16 Apr 1888Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Barber, Elwyn Chester  1950Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I172
2 Frost, Mary Elizabeth   I1328
3 Zukowski, Henry Thaddeus  Aug 1952Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2643
4 Zukowski, Henry Thaddeus  Aug 1956Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Shepardson, Elsie Mildred  27 Sep 1941Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Childs, Alfred  9 Feb 1889Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1219
2 Childs, Alfred  10 Sep 1892Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dingwell, John Collier  1932Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1680
2 Fish, Theron Jasper  1956Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1169
3 Godin, Eric Jon   I2293
4 Greene, Charles Albert  1907Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1655
5 Harding, Ella Melinda  Bef 1928Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I813
6 Mayo, Henry Addison  1965Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2587
7 Minot, Josephine B.  1909Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I443
8 Robbins, Nellie Isabel  1965Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2508
9 Shepardson, George Washington  1902Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I991
10 Woodbury, Gregory Allen   I5111
11 Wright, Lee Edward   I1362


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berkowitz / Burke   F1095
2 Danforth / Bellino   F1518
3 Flint / Green  22 Jul 1903Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F995
4 Goodale / Green  22 Jan 1891Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F998
5 Green / Partridge  6 Mar 1892Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F3419
6 Green / Wherin  25 Feb 1864Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F978
7 Shepardson / Leard  20 Jun 1887Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F598
8 Stirk / Green  4 Jan 1899Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F993
9 Wilson / Jackson  10 Apr 1917Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F416
10 Woodland / Buckley  01 Nov 1888Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F2623