Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.590354, Longitude: -72.3097914


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wilber, Thaddius Henry  Dec 1860Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I379
2 Wilber, Leo Thaddeus  21 Dec 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I380
3 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  19 Nov 1897Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
4 Whitney, Walter Chester  27 Jul 1868Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
5 Whitney, Richard Charlton  17 Jun 1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2112
6 Whitney, Maude Beatrice  8 Jan 1887Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2054
7 Whitney, Glenn Elmer Jr.  28 Jul 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2113
8 Whitney, Glenn Elmer  26 Oct 1895Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2056
9 Whitney, Gene Cortland  17 Feb 1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2114
10 Whitney, Frank Ralph  7 Oct 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2055
11 Whitney, Clifford Elmer  17 Oct 1893Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I833
12 Whitaker, Carl Harold  6 Feb 1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I385
13 Wetmore, Dorothy Flora   I159
14 Webster, Diane Lyn   I963
15 Webster, Berthalene Isadore Amelia  09 Aug 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4583
16 Warner, Alice Margaret  28 Apr 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2193
17 Ward, Thomas H.  28 Mar 1814Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2680
18 Ward, Ina Elizabeth  11 Aug 1898Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I153
19 Ward, Eddie Levi  18 Sep 1868Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7500
20 Trim, Sarah Caroline  16 Jan 1820Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I986
21 Thompson, Jack Sidney  2 Dec 1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I907
22 Temple, Joseph Raymond   I1474
23 Streeter, Mary Jeanette  24 Apr 1922Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6313
24 Stowell, Pearl Madeline  20 Aug 1904Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1721
25 Stone, Donald Herrick  20 Mar 1896Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I855
26 Stone, Diane  9 Jun 1932Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I856
27 Spear, Lovice Adelaide  6 Dec 1845Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I63
28 Smith, Willard Cyrus  21 Nov 1901Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2090
29 Smith, Wesley George  11 Aug 1908Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2093
30 Smith, Verna Augusta  24 Jan 1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2089
31 Smith, Stewart Robinson  13 Jul 1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2094
32 Smith, Mignon Willietta  15 Sep 1888Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2084
33 Smith, Megda Cleone ( Sister Mary Edith)  04 May 1892Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2086
34 Smith, Margaret Estelle (Sister Augustine Maria)  07 Aug 1904Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2091
35 Smith, Lucy Delva  21 Jun 1897Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2088
36 Smith, Kenneth Marcus  13 Jun 1895Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2087
37 Smith, Jeffery Sidney   I895
38 Smith, Edith Lois  6 Dec 1906Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2092
39 Smith, Blanche Eveline  28 Aug 1887Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2083
40 Smith, Berta Marjorie  17 May 1890Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2085
41 Shepardson, Simon Peter  17 Apr 1846Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I987
42 Sault, Sylvia  18 Feb 1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2391
43 Sanden, Gordon Carl  10 May 1929Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2137
44 Rock, Hazel Edith  17 Oct 1907Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I157
45 Robbins, Ralph Edward  23 Mar 1911Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2108
46 Robbins, Nellie Isabel  23 Aug 1884Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2508
47 Robbins, Fred Lyman  1883Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2507
48 Richardson, Florence Viola  13 Oct 1897Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1703
49 Rice, Harriett N.  Apr 1833Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5335
50 Reynolds, Mary A.  09 Sep 1911Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2894

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Worden, Lena Josephine  20 Apr 1922Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2030
2 Wilber, Nellie Emerton  16 Feb 1907Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I68
3 Wilber, Henry Fessenden  20 Feb 1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I69
4 Whitney, Robert Elmer  20 Apr 2006Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2111
5 Whitney, Maude Beatrice  24 Oct 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2054
6 Whitaker, Mary Emogene  8 Feb 1903Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I305
7 Ward, Thomas H.  5 Jul 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2680
8 Ward, Eddie Levi  11 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7500
9 Vaughan, Ellen Edwina  1 Feb 1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2495
10 Tandy, Huber Wilbert  3 Jun 1969Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I569
11 Streeter, Mary Jeanette  28 Apr 2008Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6313
12 Smith, Sidney Henry  2 Mar 1947Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I892
13 Smith, Kenneth Marcus  15 Dec 1901Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2087
14 Smith, Berta Marjorie  01 Oct 1890Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2085
15 Shepardson, Zorada  01 Feb 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3006
16 Shepardson, Mary Catherine  23 Aug 1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I993
17 Sanden, C. Elof  28 Feb 1944Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2136
18 Russell, Richard Kelton  8 Mar 2012Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I584
19 Rock, Hazel Edith  18 Feb 1964Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I157
20 Roberts, Robert Alfred  1935Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4504
21 Robbins, John Henry  7 Mar 1878Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1662
22 Robbins, Fred Lyman  04 May 1958Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2507
23 Read, Rodney H.  31 Oct 2007Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6411
24 Putney, John William  Aug 1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1661
25 Putnam, Mary Bell  15 Nov 1893Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2470
26 Pratt, Nellie Evelyn  19 Feb 1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1783
27 Pierce, Louise Rebecca  5 Apr 1936Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1642
28 Perkins, Mavis Bell  Yes, date unknownOrange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7230
29 Parker, Willis King  14 Jan 1890Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I818
30 Parker, Kenneth Leon  23 Dec 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5456
31 Morse, Eveline  1 Jan 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4773
32 Moore, Lezzie A.  27 Feb 1883Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I367
33 Moore, Charles Hiram  16 Jan 1936Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1002
34 Mills, Jonathan Delvey  25 Dec 1886Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2427
35 McKenney, Walter Avery  23 Feb 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I169
36 McKenney, Robert Wallace  18 Nov 2012Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I231
37 McKenney, Barbara Ann  24 Jan 2000Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I230
38 McKenney, Avery Shaw  13 Jul 1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I167
39 Mayo, Ralph  08 Sep 1903Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2588
40 Mayo, Marguerite Adella  21 Aug 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2589
41 Mayo, Henry Addison  Feb 1967Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2587
42 Mayo, George Wheelock  08 Oct 1896Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2734
43 Mayo, Esther Kellogg  19 Aug 1895Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2681
44 Mason, Lyman Dudley  26 Mar 1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2039
45 Martin, Walter J.  11 Jun 1935Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2688
46 Marble, Alden  13 Feb 1935Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1663
47 Kidder, Marion Louise  Jun 1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2151
48 Kidder, Henry Willard  17 Apr 1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2042
49 Kidder, Henry Merriam  13 Aug 1914Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4784
50 Kidder, Edith Arabella  09 Oct 1911Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2045

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Mason, Eva Delva  Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2041
2 Hunter, Mildred Evangiline  26 May 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1694
3 Christ, Luella Melinda  Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Wyman, Guy Francis  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2484
2 Wyman, Guy Francis  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2484
3 Wyman, Ernest Edward  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2540
4 Wyman, Earl Warner  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2483
5 Wyman, Earl Warner  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2483
6 Wyman, David Gardner  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1074
7 Wyman, David Gardner  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1074
8 Wyman, David Gardner  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1074
9 Wyman, David Edward  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1076
10 Worden, Lena Josephine  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2030
11 Worden, Lena Josephine  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2030
12 Woodcock, Flora M.  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7509
13 Woodcock, Flora M.  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7509
14 Woodcock, Flora M.  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7509
15 Woodbury, Marilyn J.   I5100
16 Woodbury, Kenneth Heath  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I709
17 Woodbury, Arnold Ellsworth  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I710
18 Wilber, Nellie Emerton  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I68
19 Wilber, Leo Thaddeus  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I380
20 Wilber, Henry Fessenden  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I69
21 Wilber, Henry Fessenden  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I69
22 Wilber, Henry Fessenden  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I69
23 Wilber, Gladys Viola  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I111
24 Wilber, Gladys Viola  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I111
25 Wilber, Gladys Viola  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I111
26 Wilber, George Alfred  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I110
27 Wilber, Frank Henry  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I112
28 Wilber, Alice Elizabeth  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I109
29 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
30 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
31 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
32 Whitney, Watson H.  1870Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4185
33 Whitney, Walter Chester  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
34 Whitney, Walter Chester  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
35 Whitney, Walter Chester  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
36 Whitney, Walter Chester  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
37 Whitney, Walter Chester  1870Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I821
38 Whitney, Maude Beatrice  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2054
39 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I832
40 Whitney, Glenn Elmer  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2056
41 Whitney, Glenn Elmer  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2056
42 Whitney, Frank Ralph  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2055
43 Whitney, Frank Ralph  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2055
44 Whitney, Elmer Derby  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I831
45 Whitney, Elmer Derby  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I831
46 Whitney, Elmer Derby  1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I831
47 Whitney, Elmer Derby  1910Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I831
48 Whitney, Elmer Derby  1900Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I831
49 Whitney, Elmer Curtis  1940Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2053
50 Whitney, Elmer Curtis  1930Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2053

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Wilber, Leo Thaddeus  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I380
2 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
3 Stone, Donald Herrick  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I855
4 Stone, Donald Herrick  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I855
5 Rock, Fred John  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I158
6 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
7 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
8 Parker, Leon Willis  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I819
9 Parker, Leon Willis  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I819
10 Moore, Raymond Hunter  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1067
11 McKenney, Avery Shaw  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I167
12 McKenney, Avery Shaw  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I167
13 French, Harold Floyd  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I852
14 Fleming, Edward Percival  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1689
15 Field, Horace Franklyn  29 May 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1044
16 Eaton, Adelbert Seaver  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1141
17 Clark, Walter Harrison  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1160


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Ward, Margaret Nowell  1919Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I829
2 Russell, Richard Kelton  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I584
3 Prentiss, Jean Field  1935Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1145
4 McKenney, Robert Wallace  1954Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I231
5 McKenney, Barbara Ann  1950Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I230
6 Fleming, Erroll Edward Jr.  1946Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1722
7 Barnes, Rollin Sanford  1965Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I591
8 Barber, Elwyn Chester  1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I172
9 Ballou, Betty-Sue R.N.  1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2358


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Whitney, Watson Holbrook  14 Feb 1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I822
2 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
3 Fleming, Erroll Edward  1925Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1690
4 Field, Sumner Wallace  8 May 1882Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Crosby, Robert Daniel  16 Aug 1869Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I834
2 Beach, Florence Mildred  22 Jun 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7339


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID 
1 Eddy, Robert Carpenter  28 Jun 1875Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MISC    Person ID 
1 Wetmore, Roy Delvey  5 Jun 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I95
2 Stone, Donald Herrick  24 Sep 1917Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I855
3 Rock, Fred John  1923Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I158
4 Kelton, James Edwin  1879Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I164
5 Dill, William Clarance  12 Sep 1918Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2496

Moved to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Shepardson, Cecil Fayette  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1129
2 Prentice, Annie Elizabeth  1906Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I108
3 Grover, Grace Adeline  1927Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office    Person ID 
1 Kelton, James Edwin  1898 to 1908Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I164
2 Kelton, James Edwin  1886 to 1888Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I164


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Williams, David Prentiss   I1304
2 Williams, David Prentiss   I1304
3 Willard, Evelyn R.  1921Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1834
4 Wilber, Henry Fessenden  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I69
5 Whitney, Elmer Derby  About 1905Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I831
6 Wheeler, Evelyn May  1956Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I242
7 Wetmore, Leslie Thomas  1956Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I97
8 Wetmore, Charles Wellington  1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I94
9 Webster, Diane Lyn   I963
10 Ward, Margaret Nowell  1998Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I829
11 Ward, Grace Ella  1958Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I828
12 Ward, Everett Daniel  1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I825
13 Thompson, Audry  2012Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7538
14 Temple, Joseph Raymond   I1474
15 Tandy, Richard D.   I573
16 Tandy, Richard D.   I573
17 Tandy, John Robert  1996Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I571
18 Tandy, John Robert  1993Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I571
19 Tandy, Huber Wilbert  1948Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I569
20 Tandy, Dana Myron   I572
21 Stone, Richard Clifford   I857
22 Stone, Christian Herrick   I912
23 Smith, Robert   I6041
24 Shepardson, Victoria Lauralie   I7052
25 Shepardson, Mary Catherine  1926Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I993
26 Sakowicz, Jeffery M.   I3441
27 Sakowicz, Gary Edward   I705
28 Sakowicz, David Michael   I706
29 Russell, Richard Michael   I4900
30 Russell, Richard Kelton  2012Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I584
31 Russell, Richard Kelton  1993Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I584
32 Rock, Hazel Edith  1956Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I157
33 Rock, Fred John  1936Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I158
34 Rochon, Glenn David   I1481
35 Robinson, Susan E.   I2843
36 Robbins, Clyde L.   I2584
37 Rivers, Linda   I1473
38 Richards, John Francis   I970
39 Reid, Karen  1996Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I256
40 Reid, Karen  1960Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I256
41 Reid, George L. Jr.  2012Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I260
42 Reid, George L. Jr.  Dec 2006Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I260
43 Putney, John William  1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1661
44 Prescott, Warren   I6227
45 Prentiss, Joseph Edwin  1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1144
46 Prentice, Annie Elizabeth  1942Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I108
47 Plant, Diane   I2830
48 Pierce, Louise Rebecca  1873Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1642
49 Pierce, Elizabeth Maria  1916Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1640
50 Peirce, Jane Mary   I2397

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Higgins, Charles Wesley  13 Feb 1912Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2035


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wyman / Warner  16 Nov 1892Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F686
2 Williams / Prentiss  17 Feb 1946Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F747
3 Wilber / Delvy  22 May 1889Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F187
4 Whitney / Roberts  05 Dec 1914Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1211
5 Whitney / Parenchuck   F1304
6 Whitney / McKenna  12 Apr 1941Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1257
7 Whitney / Harding  18 Apr 1888Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F479
8 Whitney / Guetti   F1320
9 Whitney / Delvey  22 Jan 1896Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F474
10 Whitaker / Hale  11 May 1899Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F189
11 Wetmore / Ward  2 Aug 1920Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F79
12 Ward / Waterman  6 Nov 1936Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F492
13 Ward / Pope  2 Apr 1890Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2883
14 Ward / Mayo  12 Oct 1835Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F487
15 Truehart / Dunican  22 Jan 1966Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F829
16 Thompson / Stone  4 Mar 1951Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F512
17 Tavernini / McKenney   F139
18 Stoughton / Delva  Oct 1915Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1206
19 Stone / Kasianczuk   F561
20 Stone / Ballou   F513
21 Stewart / Delvee  19 May 1878Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1187
22 Shepardson / Burke  2 Feb 1886Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F620
23 Sanden / Pearson  15 Jun 1928Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1225
24 Robbins / Pierce  30 Aug 1876Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F985
25 Richards / Johnson   F552
26 Raymond / Delva   F1250
27 Pratt / Ballou  5 Jul 1954Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1405
28 Peirce / Ballou   F1402
29 Parker / Delvey  23 Dec 1885Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F473
30 Parker / Carlson  7 Apr 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F481
31 O'Brien / Kidder  21 Nov 1932Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1278
32 O'Brien / Doyle   F1550
33 Novak / Deane   F3108
34 Nawrocki / Tandy  28 Jun 1970Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F364
35 Musante / Raymond   F1302
36 Muphy / Pratt   F1442
37 Moore / Deegan   F757
38 Monette / Davis   F1355
39 Mehr / Peirce   F1434
40 McKay / Johnson  23 Jan 1943Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1283
41 Mayo / Robbins  21 Apr 1903Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1510
42 Mayo / Mayo  14 Feb 1861Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1542
43 Marble / Pierce  19 Apr 1899Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F986
44 Lindquist / Pearson  04 May 1921Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1224
45 Kelton / Jillson  7 Dec 1879Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F120
46 Johnson / Webster   F548
47 Johnson / Thomas  1 Jan 1891Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F691
48 Hunter / Snyder  25 Dec 1909Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1006
49 Harris / Dean   F1264
50 Hager / Field  3 Dec 1913Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts F657

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