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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts


City/Town : Latitude: 42.1014831, Longitude: -72.589811


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Borell, Marie Fredrika  c 1878Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I5910
2 Chism, Ruth Mae  28 Sep 1918Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I598
3 Clapp, Frederick Virgil  7 Aug 1885Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I7620
4 Coolidge, Carter Amsden   I5444
5 Coolidge, Collin Jennings   I5445
6 Dill, Norman William  21 Aug 1926Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I7290
7 Drown, Joseph Frank  15 Jul 1943Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2276
8 Drown, Nancy Ann   I2277
9 Haight, Donald William   I679
10 Haight, Janet Beth   I680
11 Haight, Susan Jeanne   I677
12 Hastings, Arthur Roland  19 May 1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I3979
13 Haubenreiser, Elsa Martha  25 Jul 1907Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I473
14 Hawkes, Nellie Augusta  06 Oct 1858Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I1083
15 Kelly, MaryCatherine   I4848
16 Knight, Edward Lawrence  25 Apr 1964Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I4850
17 Knight, Edward Trent   I4847
18 Knight, Laura Ann   I4853
19 Knight, Stephen Michael  03 Nov 1969Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I4854
20 Peirce, Jane Mary   I2397
21 Peirce, Peter Richard   I2398
22 Peterson, Richard Kenneth  02 Oct 1947Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2232
23 Rochon, Deborah Ann   I1479
24 Rochon, Paul Frederick   I1480
25 Smith, Mary Lou   I2173
26 Smith, Susan Jane  29 May 1947Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2172
27 Wands, Avis Rowena   I499
28 Wands, Rufus William  25 Mar 1884Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
29 Way, Rhonda Michelle   I2966
30 Whitney, Ann Louise   I2204
31 Whitney, Gay   I2203
32 Whitney, Holly Ann   I2989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Alton D.  24 Jan 2004Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I145
2 Blasioli, Linda J.  14 Dec 2014Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I6862
3 Briggs, Marjorie Arline  07 Jul 1992Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2131
4 Drown, Frank Grover  15 Apr 1940Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2155
5 Knight, Edward Lawrence  25 Apr 1964Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I4850
6 Knight, Peter Delvee  11 Aug 2004Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I556
7 Peterson, Kenneth W.  Apr 1982Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2231
8 Smith, Mignon Willietta  02 Aug 1969Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2084
9 Smith, Stewart Robinson  01 Feb 1996Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2094
10 Smith, Verna Augusta  Apr 1976Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2089
11 Tether, Clayton Lannes  13 Nov 1981Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I6691
12 Tether, Salomon Andrew  Aug 1967Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I6689
13 Trent, Barbara Claire  10 Nov 1999Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I729
14 Waldron, Elizabeth R.  1997Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I1137
15 Wands, Rufus William  12 Feb 1947Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
16 Whitney, Gene Cortland Jr.  10 Mar 2014Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2210


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Amidon, Dora Emeline  1865Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I318
2 Amidon, Josiah Carpenter  1865Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I319
3 Bascom, Ada Belle  1900Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I376
4 Bascom, Ada Belle  1910Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I376
5 Bascom, Ada Belle  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I376
6 Bascom, Ada Belle  1930Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I376
7 Bascom, Ada Belle  1940Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I376
8 Coolidge, Alice Blanche  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I333
9 Dill, Walter E.  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2498
10 Dill, William Lysander  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2447
11 Gillis, Dorothy  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I449
12 Gillis, Francis Louis Jr.  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I448
13 Gillis, Francis Palmer  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I447
14 Hastings, Arthur Roland  1940Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I3979
15 Hastings, Roger Walcott  1940Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I7256
16 Hawkes, John Washburn  1880Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I3998
17 Hawkes, Nellie Augusta  1880Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I1083
18 Smith, Jane Emeline  1865Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I320
19 Vaughan, Ellen Edwina  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2495
20 Wands, Avis Rowena   I499
21 Wands, Avis Rowena   I499
22 Wands, Rufus William  1910Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
23 Wands, Rufus William  1920Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
24 Wands, Rufus William  1930Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
25 Wands, Rufus William  1940Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
26 Williams, Mary Ann  1880Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I3999

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Wands, Rufus William  12 Sep 1918Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Wands, Rufus William  5 Jun 1907Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MISC    Person ID 
1 Wands, Rufus William  1911Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 June   I6478
2 Bascom, Ada Belle  1944Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I376
3 Cornwell, Linda M.   I2272
4 Field, Allen Warren  1958Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I121
5 Haight, Robert Louis  1951Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I676
6 Moore, James Herbert  Jan 1959Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I5521
7 Pasis, Carol Ann   I1406
8 Rochon, Rolland F.   I1478
9 Wands, Avis Rowena   I499
10 Wands, Rufus William  1944Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I498
11 Whitney, Gene Cortland Jr.  Jul 2011Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts I2210


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butler / Cummings  23 Oct 1909Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F2764
2 Drown / Oszajca  01 May 1941Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F1281
3 Farrioli / Smith   F1297
4 Greene / Black  27 Nov 1911Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F1910
5 Haight / Wands   F316
6 Hastings / Gibbud   15 Sep 1908Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F2766
7 Johnson / Hawkes  15 Oct 1885Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F637
8 Peterson / Briggs  19 Dec 1942Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F1265
9 Rock / Woodcock  12 Mar 1906Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F114
10 Watts / Borell  28 Dec 1904Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts F1289