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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.6710048, Longitude: -72.54832770000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapin, Albert G  12 Oct 1839Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5264
2 Chapin, Arthur Albert  18 Jun 1870Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I84
3 Deane, Daniel A.   I6383
4 Deane, Ryan Charles   I6381
5 Guetti, Jennifer Lynn   I6369
6 Hale, Lottie Clara  26 Oct 1878Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5454
7 Hale, Lula Mossie  26 Oct 1881Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I526
8 Hale, Orra May  18 Jan 1880Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I382
9 Park, Alden Ambrose  Jan 1858Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I82
10 Park, Ambert Alphana  11 Aug 1893Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I406
11 Park, boy  25 Nov 1924Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4917
12 Park, Christine Emma   I4403
13 Park, Donald Dexter   I4402
14 Park, Dorothy Mae  16 Jul 1917Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4397
15 Park, Edith Frances  24 Jun 1907Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I538
16 Park, Louis Edwin  15 Apr 1909Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I535
17 Plaistridge, Cliffe Howard  6 Sep 1878Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I363
18 Scott, Rosella M.  Abt 1853Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5412
19 Smith, Mary Alicia   I1610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Esther E  6 Jan 1899Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6242
2 Chapin, Albert G  19 Mar 1900Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5264
3 Deane, Percy Raymond  21 Jan 2009Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I190
4 Miner, Pamalia C.  11 Feb 1910Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5265
5 Rogers, Ruth Louise  9 Jan 1984Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I512
6 Stoddard, Levi Aaron  8 Oct 1896Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1071
7 Whitaker, Carl Harold Jr.  3 Jul 2005Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I513
8 Whitaker, Charles Herbert  08 Feb 1941Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I302


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Miller, Jennie  Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5045
2 Miller, Leon Clark  Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I393
3 Whitaker, Ruby May  Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Gladys E.  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7528
2 Gladys E.  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7528
3 Chapin, Albert G  1880Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5264
4 Chapin, Arthur Albert  1880Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I84
5 Chapin, Myron Delvey  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I85
6 Chapin, Myron Delvey  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I85
7 Deane, C. Raymond  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7527
8 Deane, C. Raymond  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7527
9 Deane, Percy Raymond  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I190
10 Deane, Percy Raymond  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I190
11 Delvey, Etta Rebecca  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I60
12 Delvey, Etta Rebecca  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I60
13 Dresser, Mary M.  1910Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1005
14 Gray, Marcia Maria  1860Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7408
15 Gray, Marcia Maria  1865Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7408
16 Gray, Marcia Maria  1870Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7408
17 Hale, Lula Mossie  1900Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I526
18 Hale, Orra May  1880Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I382
19 Hale, Orra May  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I382
20 Hale, Orra May  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I382
21 Hale, Warren M.  1880Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7600
22 Hale, Warren M.  1900Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7727
23 Hastings, Helen Rachel  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I521
24 Hastings, Helen Rachel  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I521
25 Miller, Carrie Louise  1910Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I394
26 Miller, Carrie Louise  1920Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I394
27 Miller, Carrie Louise  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I394
28 Miller, Carrie Louise  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I394
29 Miner, Pamalia C.  1880Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5265
30 Munn, Lucy Sophia  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1055
31 Munn, Lucy Sophia  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1055
32 North, Kenneth J.  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I518
33 North, Wayne Kenneth  1940Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I519
34 Park, Alden Ambrose  1860Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I82
35 Park, Alden Ambrose  1865Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I82
36 Park, Alden Ambrose  1870Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I82
37 Park, Christine Emma   I4403
38 Park, Donald Dexter   I4402
39 Park, Donald Dexter   I4402
40 Park, Dorothy Mae  1920Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4397
41 Park, Dorothy Mae  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4397
42 Park, Edith Frances  1910Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I538
43 Park, Ernest Leslie  1910Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I537
44 Park, Ernest Leslie  1920Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I537
45 Park, Ernest Leslie  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I537
46 Park, Ethel May  1920Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I539
47 Park, George Henry  1920Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I541
48 Park, George Henry  1930Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I541
49 Park, Harold Leroy  1910Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I536
50 Park, Harold Leroy  1920Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I536

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Park, Leslie Leroy  12 Sep 1918Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I534
2 Whitaker, Carl Harold  12 Sep 1918Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I385


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Whitaker, Ruby May  1929Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I387
2 Whitaker, Ruth Irene  1928Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I386

Moved to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Delvey, Etta Rebecca  Abt 1923Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I60


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  1952Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
2 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  1993Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
3 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  2010Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
4 Deane, Carol Linda   I6367
5 Deane, Percy Raymond  2009Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I190
6 Delvy, Ellen Sophia  1877Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I297
7 Field, Charles Frederick  1955Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I75
8 Field, Delphine Elizabeth  After 1952Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I122
9 Field, Delphine Elizabeth  1985Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I122
10 Field, Delvey McKinley  After 1952Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I123
11 Guetti, Jennifer Lynn   I6369
12 Guetti, Steven Hugh   I6368
13 Hamilton, Susan Ann Wilton   I4863
14 Hamilton, Susan Ann Wilton   I4863
15 Munn, Frances Eleanor  1968Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1152
16 Plaistridge, Frederick Caleb  1877Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I361
17 Rock, Catherine  2001Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I699
18 Rogers, Ruth Louise  1984Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I512
19 Waite, William Harold  1974Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I16
20 Whitaker, Carl Harold Jr.  2001Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I513
21 Whitaker, Damon Leigh   I701
22 Whitaker, Damon Leigh   I701
23 Whitaker, Damon Leigh   I701
24 Whitaker, Dawn Lois   I703
25 Wrightson, Dirk  1990Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7048
26 Wrightson, Mark Stephen   I4871


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atherton / Scott  1 May 1872Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F71
2 Bascom / Delvy  3 Oct 1878Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F186
3 Bolton / Whitaker  22 Jun 1932Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F243
4 Field / Delvey  14 Jun 1873Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F48
5 Guetti / Deane   F2553
6 Hanks / Deane   F2555
7 Hastings / Hale  22 Mar 1898Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F337
8 Morgan / Pratt   F1524
9 Stoddard / Putnam  5 Apr 1893Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2822
10 Waldron / Shepardson  25 Oct 1904Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F655
11 Whitaker / Hastings  27 Aug 1928Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F246
12 Whitaker / Johnson  22 Jun 1932Bernardston, Franklin County, Massachusetts F241
13 Wrightson / Whitaker   F436