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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.5750883, Longitude: -71.998133


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 McKenney, Donald Larry Dennis   I237
52 McKenney, Linda Jane   I238
53 Michniewicz, Phyllis Elizabeth   I748
54 Monette, Kelsea Jeanne   I6809
55 Monette, Kyle Robert   I6810
56 Morris, Kaitlyn Ashley   I4074
57 Morris, Kyle J.   I4922
58 Muphy, Daneil Patrick   I2941
59 Muphy, Elle Elizabeth   I3975
60 Muphy, Eric George   I2939
61 Muphy, Michael Timothy   I2940
62 Novak, Anthony Samuel   I7988
63 O'Brien, Devin Micheal   I2708
64 Pierson, Melissa Christina   I2945
65 Plante, Jason  17 Jul 1979Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4639
66 Plante, Matthew Eric   I4640
67 Plante, Paul Alan   I4638
68 Reid, Catherine Irene   I262
69 Russell, Betty Grace   I583
70 Sansoucie, Kyle Evan   I4393
71 Stanley, Benjamin Russell   I4555
72 Stanley, Russell Davis   I4496
73 Talcott, Charlotte Elizabeth  25 Oct 1920Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1830
74 Talcott, Clarence Pratt  26 Oct 1873Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1790
75 Talcott, Jane  02 Nov 1929Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1831
76 Talcott, Leona Blanche  31 Aug 1907Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1826
77 Talcott, Madelene Miller  9 Nov 1909Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1827
78 Talcott, Russell Lock  22 Nov 1919Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1829
79 Tandy, Dana Myron   I572
80 Tandy, John Robert  13 Feb 1948Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I571
81 Taylor, Joseph M.  Abt 1898Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4520
82 Truehart, Elizabeth Rose   I6466
83 Wetmore, Robert Delvey  24 Jul 1930Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I162
84 Whitaker, Carolyn Francis  17 Oct 1934Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I507
85 Whitaker, Doris Evelyn   I508
86 White, Arianna Morgan   I6418
87 White, Braeden Alexander   I6417
88 White, John Wilbur III   I6415
89 Whitney, John Keith   I2195
90 Whitney, Robert Craig   I2194

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
51 Vaughn, Ella B.  22 Oct 1971Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I466
52 Warner, Alice Margaret  01 Aug 2000Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2193
53 Wetmore, Elmer Marshall  6 Jan 1996Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I98
54 Whitaker, Mary Jean  30 Sep 2007Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I506
55 Whitaker, Percy Eugene  2 Feb 1975Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I383
56 Williams, Addie H.  2 Sep 1972Gardner, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1828

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