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Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.5486993, Longitude: -72.13285819999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Lulu Grace  31 Aug 1874Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1111
2 Baker, Neva Maud  25 Apr 1875Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114
3 Dunican, David Wayne   I1263
4 Dunican, Donald Percy  23 Dec 1929Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1259
5 Hanes, Beverly Jane  06 Jan 1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4624
6 Newton, Anna Laura  26 Oct 1858Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1015
7 Putnam, Austin  Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2435
8 Rochon, Daniel Francis   I1482
9 Shepardson, Stella Adenia  8 Sep 1916Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1118
10 Shepardson, Velma Clare  2 Mar 1913Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1117
11 Shepardson, Victor Grant  10 Jun 1911Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1116
12 Stacy, Ann Eliza  9 Aug 1840Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1014
13 Stacy, Mary A.  Abt 1851Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4163
14 Turner, Florence Mabel  23 Jun 1888Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1096
15 Turner, Frederick Andrew  27 Nov 1876Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1092
16 Turner, George Edward  17 Jan 1882Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1093
17 Turner, Grace Emma  13 Jan 1887Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1095
18 Turner, John Edward  5 Jul 1857Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1091
19 Watts, Fred Charles  29 Nov 1876Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Hood, Russell Irwin  22 Jun 1919Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Neva Maud  9 Apr 1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Henry Jefferson  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4164
2 Baker, Henry Jefferson  1900Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4164
3 Baker, Neva Maud  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114
4 Baker, Neva Maud  1900Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114
5 Baker, Neva Maud  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114
6 Baker, Neva Maud  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114
7 Coolidge, Elizabeth Thorndike  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I325
8 Coolidge, Frank Arthur  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I283
9 Coolidge, Frank Arthur Jr.  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I327
10 Coolidge, Mary Carter  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I326
11 Dunican, Donald Percy  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1259
12 Dunican, Frank L.  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8340
13 Dunican, Percy John  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1258
14 Dunican, Percy John  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1258
15 Hicks, Nancy P.  1860Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4159
16 Hood, Carl Wallace  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4518
17 Houghton, Charles A.  1865Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I331
18 Houghton, Ella Rose  1865Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I330
19 Mantyhargie, Rachael Elsie  1940Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1266
20 Newton, Anna Laura  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1015
21 Ober, Fanny Augusta  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I323
22 Rice, Harriett Newall  1865Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5335
23 Shepardson, Alva Harry  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1113
24 Shepardson, Detroit Grant  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1018
25 Shepardson, Detroit Grant  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1018
26 Shepardson, Helen May  1940Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1267
27 Shepardson, Pauline June   I1268
28 Shepardson, Ruth Neva  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1115
29 Shepardson, Ruth Neva  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1115
30 Shepardson, Stella Adenia  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1118
31 Shepardson, Stella Adenia  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1118
32 Shepardson, Velma Clare  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1117
33 Shepardson, Velma Clare  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1117
34 Shepardson, Victor Grant  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1116
35 Shepardson, Victor Grant  1930Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1116
36 Shepardson, Victor Grant  1940Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1116
37 Stacy, Ann Eliza  1860Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1014
38 Stacy, James  1860Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4158
39 Sylvester, Flora  1920Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8341
40 Turner, Frederick Andrew  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1092
41 Turner, John Edward  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1091
42 Watts, Fred Charles  1900Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5909
43 William, Miriam S.  1880Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4165
44 William, Miriam S.  1900Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4165


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Baker, Neva Maud  5 Sep 1897Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1114


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnes, David Allen   I255
2 Dill, William Clarance  1942Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2496
3 Shepardson, Victor Grant  1936Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1116
4 Shepardson, Victor Grant  1994Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1116
5 Stacy, Ann Eliza  1845 to 1858Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1014


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Stacy  4 Oct 1873Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F724
2 Dunican / Shepardson  21 Mar 1928Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F729
3 Hood / Shepardson  6 Jul 1918Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F725
4 Keenan / Shepardson  12 Feb 1937Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F733
5 Marsden / Manty   F2800
6 Rochon / Shepardson   F830
7 Shepardson / Baker  30 Sep 1908Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F643
8 Shepardson / Stacy  10 Jan 1858Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F612
9 Turner / Newton  12 Nov 1875Phillipston, Worcester County, Massachusetts F640