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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont



City/Town : Latitude: 42.8509348, Longitude: -72.55786190000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary Elizabeth  14 Sep 1925Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I5046
2 Beaman, Ashley Rebecca   I5073
3 Bellville, Gail Ellen  4 Jul 1949Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1615
4 Bellville, Jan Eileen   I1616
5 Bellville, Jeffery Joseph   I4365
6 Bellville, Lynn Anita   I4245
7 Bellville, Peter Kenneth   I1614
8 Bushnell, Helen May  22 Jul 1906Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I6126
9 Castine, Linda Jane   I5155
10 Clough, Jerald Peter   I7463
11 Clough, Pamela Helen   I7464
12 Clough, William Gary   I7476
13 Cutter, Virginia Edith   I8605
14 Dingman, Alfred Edmund Jr.   I5123
15 Drury, Peggy Ann   I7283
16 Felch, John Eugene   I662
17 Fitzmorris, Roby Agnes  26 Sep 1924Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7221
18 Gould, Pamela Edith   I4399
19 Hamilton, Susan Ann Wilton   I4863
20 Harris, Betsey  22 Mar 1800Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8895
21 Higley, Karen Marie   I5127
22 Hunter, Harvey Mondell Jr.  24 Oct 1884Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1667
23 Hunter, Mary Louise  21 Sep 1883Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1666
24 Jenkins, Darrell Douglas   I4932
25 Jenkins, Marc Miller   I4931
26 Lyon, Katherine Ann   I5087
27 Magoon, Rona Hope  16 Nov 1929Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1572
28 Magoon, Virginia May  31 Jul 1928Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1571
29 Mankowsky, David Carl   I8180
30 Mansur, Michael Fredrick   I5157
31 Mansur, Thomas Paul   I5156
32 Maxwell, William Alric   I1507
33 McCarty, Eric Kenneth   I4248
34 McLoud, Gaelle Amaret Johnson   I4827
35 Miller, Carol Ann   I5049
36 Miller, Diane Marie   I5120
37 Miller, Erika Karin   I5145
38 Miller, Jill Marie   I5142
39 Miller, Julie Ann   I5121
40 Miller, Karen Ann   I5143
41 Miller, Laura   I4929
42 Miller, Mark Kenneth   I5141
43 Miller, Mark Kenneth Jr.   I5146
44 Miller, Norman Aiden   I5119
45 Miller, Thomas Paul   I5140
46 Moore, Elizabeth Ann  19 Nov 1925Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4591
47 Murray, Eugene L.  1 May 1949Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I5167
48 Nadeau, Dennis James   I5158
49 Nadeau, Dennis James   I5160
50 Nichols, Evelyn  Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7188

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beach, Florence Mildred  3 Jul 1977Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7339
2 Beaudry, Rena Pearl  20 Jun 1970Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4928
3 Bellville, Gail Ellen  25 Aug 2011Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1615
4 Bellville, Kenneth Joseph  18 Mar 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1613
5 Bills, Leonard Merle  16 Apr 2004Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7267
6 Burke, Rosa Bell  14 May 1952Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1036
7 Calder, Florence Jean  18 Jan 2000Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4940
8 Dunnell, Floyd Myron Jr.  30 Dec 1984Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I5164
9 Field, Charles Frederick  15 Jul 1955Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I75
10 Hale, Nettie Louise  31 Dec 1946Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I293
11 Hall, Mary DeEtta  7 Aug 1986Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1187
12 Hitchcock, Mary Jennie  27 Dec 1941Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8896
13 Hubbard, Blanche Abigail  12 Dec 1952Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1185
14 Johnson, Hattie Elizabeth  9 Feb 1977Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I509
15 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  26 Feb 2005Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1552
16 Kingsbury, Mildred Elizabeth  5 Jul 1997Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1555
17 Knapp, Richard Edward  29 Jun 2017Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1627
18 Magoon, Alberta Ruth  31 Oct 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1569
19 Magoon, Elton Benjamin  Apr 1980Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1573
20 Magoon, Maxine Ethel  16 Apr 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1568
21 Magoon, Watson Irving  5 May 1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1567
22 Miller, George Henry  11 Sep 1960Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395
23 Moore, Mary Louisa  28 Oct 1919Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8788
24 Record, Charles Delbert  7 Jun 1959Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1150
25 Record, Floyd Wendell  6 Apr 1994Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7190
26 Record, Wendell Charles  29 Sep 1980Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7180
27 Serrell, Kathryn Maude  21 Apr 1989Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7473
28 Shepardson, Emma Bell  13 Feb 1924Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1037
29 Smith, Kermit Irving  24 Feb 2012Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1612
30 Smith, Lina May  13 Jul 1984Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7189
31 Stark, Ruby Blossom  6 Nov 1975Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1051
32 Stoddard, Clarence Grant  24 Sep 1904Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1072
33 Waldron, Violet Ruby  24 Feb 1996Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1138
34 Whitaker, Lawrence Arnold  27 Feb 1985Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I510
35 Whitaker, Wallace Herbert  9 Oct 1976Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I384
36 White, Fred E.  3 Oct 1928Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8768


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Walker, Sidney Clesson  20 Oct 2004Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I717

3rd Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    3rd Marriage    Person ID 
1 Nichols, Jane  say 1960Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7732

4th Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    4th Marriage    Person ID 
1 Nichols, Jane  29 Nov 1996Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7732

Adoption or Guardianship

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adoption or Guardianship    Person ID 
1 Walker, William Cottle  24 May 1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barber, Florence May  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7483
2 Barber, Florence May  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7483
3 Beaudry, Rena Pearl  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4928
4 Beaudry, Rena Pearl  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4928
5 Bellville, Kenneth Joseph  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1613
6 Bushnell, Helen May  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I6126
7 Bushnell, Helen May  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I6126
8 Bushnell, Jason Edward  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7482
9 Bushnell, Jason Edward  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7482
10 Calder, Florence Jean  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4940
11 Felch, Robert Plaistridge  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I485
12 Hall, Mary DeEtta  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1187
13 Hall, Mary DeEtta  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1187
14 Hall, Mary DeEtta  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1187
15 Jenkins, Eric Crabbe  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4939
16 Jenkins, Roger Calder   I4930
17 Magoon, Elton Benjamin  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1573
18 Miller, George Henry  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395
19 Miller, George Henry  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395
20 Miller, Laura   I4929
21 Miller, Laura   I4929
22 Moore, James Herbert  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I5521
23 Moore, Walter Herbert  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1068
24 Pauquette, Donalda  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4938
25 Pierce, Elizabeth M.  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4169
26 Rivet, Mary Jane  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4239
27 Searles, William Alonzo  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7197
28 Searles, William Robert  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7196
29 Severance, Isabelle Annette  1880Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I369
30 Shepardson, Emma Bell  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1037
31 Shepardson, Emma Bell  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1037
32 Shepardson, Karl Warner M.D.  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1034
33 Smith, Floyd Hurdis  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1609
34 Smith, Floyd Hurdis  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1609
35 Smith, Hurdis F.  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8596
36 Smith, Hurdis F.  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8596
37 Spooner, Viola  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I7198
38 Wilder (nee Taylor), Bertha Alice  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8613
39 Wilder (nee Taylor), Bertha Alice  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8613
40 Taylor, Donald Clesson  1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1617
41 Taylor, Donald Clesson  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1617
42 Trask, Harriet Louise  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I5520
43 Waldron, Alfred J.  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I4168
44 Waldron, Egbert Alfred  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1136
45 Waldron, Egbert Alfred  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1136
46 Waldron, Elizabeth R.  1910Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1137
47 Waldron, Elizabeth R.  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1137
48 Waldron, Harriet Maria  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1139
49 Waldron, Violet Ruby  1920Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1138
50 Ward, Ellen D.  1940Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I8220

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Calvin Nye  5 Jun 1917Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1089
2 Miller, George Henry  1942Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Bushnell, Helen May  1923Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I6126
2 Magoon, Alberta Ruth  1943Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1569
3 Murray, Eugene L.  1968Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I5167
4 Smith, Kermit Irving  1966Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1612
5 Waterman, Francis E.  1981Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1626

Moved to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Miller, George Henry  1927Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Magoon, Alberta Ruth  5 Nov 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1569
2 Magoon, Maxine Ethel  18 Apr 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1568


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Miller, George Henry  say 1930Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Rhonda   I8629
2 Bellville, Jan Eileen   I1616
3 Bellville, Jeffery Joseph   I4365
4 Bellville, Kenneth Joseph  1957Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1613
5 Bushnell, Helen May  1953Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I6126
6 Clough, Richard Warren  1943Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I128
7 Correira, Albert T.  1939Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1607
8 Daley, Nellie Josephine  1945Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I117
9 Deane, Percy Raymond  1949Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I190
10 Felch, John Eugene III  1936Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I484
11 Field, Charles Frederick  1945Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I75
12 Field, Delphine Elizabeth  1949Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I122
13 Hale, Lula Morse  1949Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I526
14 Johnson, Calvin Nye  1953Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1089
15 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  1937Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1552
16 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  1938Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1552
17 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  30 Mar 2000Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1552
18 Kingsbury, Kathryn Achsah  2005Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1552
19 Knapp, Kevin   I8627
20 Knapp, Richard Edward  Feb 2012Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1627
21 Knapp, Richard Edward  Apr 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1627
22 Magoon, Alberta Ruth  1957Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1569
23 Magoon, Alberta Ruth  Feb 2005Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1569
24 Magoon, Alberta Ruth  Apr 2015Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1569
25 Magoon, Elton Benjamin  1937Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1573
26 Magoon, Elton Benjamin  1938Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1573
27 Magoon, Maxine Ethel  1947Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1568
28 Magoon, Virginia May  1947Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1571
29 Magoon, Virginia May  1957Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1571
30 Magoon, Watson Irving  1925Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1567
31 Mansur, Michael Fredrick   I5157
32 Miller, George Henry  1929Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I395
33 Miller, Karen Ann   I5143
34 Miller, Leon Clark  1949Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I393
35 Miller, Mark Kenneth   I5141
36 Record, Charles Delbert  1945Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1150
37 Record, Samuel Charles   I7192
38 Robinson, Susan Paula   I7202
39 Shepardson, Emma Bell  1909Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1037
40 Shepardson, Karl Warner M.D.  1921Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1034
41 Smith, Floyd Hurdis  1947Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1609
42 Smith, Karin Annette   I7134
43 Smith, Kathryn Leslie   I1611
44 Smith, Kathryn Leslie   I1611
45 Stark, Ruby Blossom  1945Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1051
46 Stark, Ruby Blossom  Nov 1963Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1051
47 Stratton, Blanche Gertrude  1916Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I360
48 Sweeney, Ethel Rosina  1936Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I661
49 Taylor, Donald Clesson  1947Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1617
50 Taylor, Donald Clesson  1957Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont I1617

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Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Anthony / Miller   F2332
2 Calkins / Magoon   F956
3 Clough / Field  15 Jan 1902Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F67
4 Correira / Magoon  18 Dec 1937Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F951
5 Dingman / Patenaude   F2327
6 Eddy / Bowman  22 Nov 1845Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F486
7 Felch / Schnell  12 Apr 1882Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F304
8 Fitzmorris / Perkins  10 Jun 1951Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F2756
9 Jenkins / Miller   F2279
10 Johnson / Delva  29 Jul 1916Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F635
11 Johnson / Hubbard  19 Jun 1950Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F699
12 Kelton / Taylor  11 Apr 1925Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F223
13 Kimball / Stratton  2 Apr 1913Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F2926
14 Laskey / Waldron  14 Feb 1971Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F2771
15 Maloof / Bellville   F967
16 Mason / Moore  25 Dec 1906Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F673
17 McGraw / Miller   F2333
18 Miller / Beaudry  2 Jan 1928Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F253
19 Moore / Howard  7 Dec 1852Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F3492
20 Munn / Moore  4 Jul 1876Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F625
21 Newton / Harris  18 May 1818Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F3538
22 Park / Whitaker  11 Nov 1890Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F193
23 Plaistridge / Delvy  4 Jul 1876Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F182
24 Record / Snow   F2734
25 Record / White   F2740
26 Searles / Record   F2738
27 Smith / Magoon  1 Aug 1942Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F952
28 Stoddard / Moore  5 Apr 1870Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F629
29 Stone / Magoon  20 Nov 1956Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F955
30 Taylor / Magoon  14 Oct 1946Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F954
31 Thayer / Gee  9 Sep 1872Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F310
32 Verry / Shepardson  3 Jul 1893Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F646
33 Waite / Thrasher  18 Jul 1901Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F2695
34 Whitney / Bushnell  12 Oct 1927Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F105
35 Whittemore / Shepardson  28 Mar 1894Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F631
36 Wyman / Mills  8 Aug 1846Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F687
37 Zraunig / Rennie  17 Jan 1903Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F734

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Stone / Magoon  9 Nov 1956Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont F955