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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts


City/Town : Latitude: 42.0653768, Longitude: -71.24783079999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Arthur Curley  16 Jul 1895Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I3806
2 Childs, The Rev. Donald Kenneth   I1226
3 Childs, Marion Edna  22 Mar 1928Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1224
4 Childs, Robert Edwin   I1225
5 Childs, Ruth Evelyn   I1227
6 Curry, Clifford Rexford  24 Apr 1924Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1214
7 Curry, Earl Cleveland  18 May 1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1212
8 Curry, Frederick Richard  3 Dec 1921Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1213
9 Curry, Gordon Francis   I1381
10 Curry, Jeffery Eric   I1390
11 Curry, Kristin Laura   I1517
12 Curry, Lewis William Jr.  6 Mar 1919Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1211
13 Curry, Scott Russel   I1389
14 Hamlen, Louise  29 Dec 1874Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I3786
15 Shepardson, Edmund Ray   I1218
16 Shepardson, Marjorie Lois  17 Mar 1922Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1217
17 Smith, Lester R.  28 Mar 1927Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1232
18 Smith, Norman Elliott  17 Aug 1931Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1233
19 Warburton, Lisa Jane  20 Jul 1967Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I5818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Childs, Alfred  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1219
2 Curry, Clifford Rexford  23 May 2002Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1214
3 Curry, Frederick Richard  2 Mar 2005Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1213
4 Dodge, Nancy Elizabeth  12 Feb 2008Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1383
5 Sarty, Walter Eugene  9 Apr 2007Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1397
6 Shepardson, Alta May  19 Oct 1935Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1107
7 Shepardson, Elsie Mildred  30 Aug 1978Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1100
8 Shepardson, Myron Leslie  25 Nov 1923Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1103
9 Shepardson, Orin Edmund  9 Nov 1967Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1101
10 Shepardson, Russell Alfred  14 Mar 1986Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1110
11 Shepardson, Vina Mabel  20 Dec 1965Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1098
12 Smith, Norman Elliott  14 Oct 2014Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1233
13 Summers, Rebecca Jane  1934Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1220
14 unknown last name, Rose Virginia  05 Aug 1970Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I5865
15 Worden, Mabel Nancy  18 Oct 1939Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1097


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Amy  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I8452
2 Childs, Alfred  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1219
3 Childs, Bessie Mildred   I1223
4 Childs, Bessie Mildred   I1223
5 Childs, The Rev. Donald Kenneth   I1226
6 Childs, Marion Edna  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1224
7 Childs, Marion Edna  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1224
8 Childs, Richard Norman   I4265
9 Childs, Richard Norman   I4265
10 Childs, Robert Edwin   I1225
11 Childs, Ruth Evelyn   I1227
12 Childs, Walter Edwin  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1222
13 Childs, Walter Edwin  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1222
14 Childs, Walter Edwin  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1222
15 Childs, Walter Raymond   I4266
16 Childs, Walter Raymond   I4266
17 Curry, Clifford Rexford  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1214
18 Curry, Clifford Rexford  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1214
19 Curry, Earl Cleveland  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1212
20 Curry, Earl Cleveland  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1212
21 Curry, Frederick Richard  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1213
22 Curry, Frederick Richard  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1213
23 Curry, Lewis William  1900Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1210
24 Curry, Lewis William  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1210
25 Curry, Lewis William Jr.  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1211
26 Curry, Lewis William  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1210
27 Curry, Lewis William Jr.  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1211
28 Curry, Lewis William  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1210
29 Curry, Lewis William Jr.  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1211
30 Shepardson, Alta May  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1107
31 Shepardson, Alta May  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1107
32 Shepardson, Barnard Henry  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1109
33 Shepardson, Barnard Henry  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1109
34 Shepardson, Carl Wendell  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1216
35 Shepardson, Edmund Ray   I1218
36 Shepardson, Edmund Ray   I1218
37 Shepardson, Elliott Alphozo  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1016
38 Shepardson, Elliott Alphozo  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1016
39 Shepardson, Elsie Mildred  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1100
40 Shepardson, Elsie Mildred  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1100
41 Shepardson, Elsie Mildred  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1100
42 Shepardson, Erwin Ray  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1105
43 Shepardson, Grace Eleanor  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1108
44 Shepardson, Grace Eleanor  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1108
45 Shepardson, Grace Eleanor  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1108
46 Shepardson, Marjorie Lois  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1217
47 Shepardson, Marjorie Lois  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1217
48 Shepardson, Myron Leslie  1920Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1103
49 Shepardson, Orin Edmund  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1101
50 Shepardson, Orin Edmund  1940Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1101

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Childs, Walter Edwin  1942Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1222
2 Shepardson, Orin Edmund  1942Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1101


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Childs, The Rev. Donald Kenneth   I1226
2 Childs, Marion Edna  1946Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1224
3 Curry, Joyce Elaine  1964Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1384
4 Shepardson, Edith Muriel  1954Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1239
5 White, Mary Elsie   I1405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Shepardson, Edmund Ray   I1218


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Childs, Alfred  1930Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1219
2 Shepardson, Elliott Alphozo  9 May 1931Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1016
3 Summers, Rebecca Jane  20 Jan 1934Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1220
4 Worden, Mabel Nancy  25 Oct 1939Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1097


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, Arthur Curley  1910Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I3806
2 Curry, Bryan Everett   I1386
3 Curry, Clifford Rexford  1985Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1214
4 Curry, Earl Cleveland  1994Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1212
5 Curry, Gordon Francis   I1381
6 Curry, Lewis William  1918Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1210
7 Curry, Lewis William Jr.  1993Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1211
8 Curry, Steven E.   I1385
9 Dodge, Nancy Elizabeth  1994Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1383
10 Paza, Diane Lois   I1394
11 Sarty, Walter Eugene  1993Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1397
12 Shepardson, Barnard Henry  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1109
13 Shepardson, Barnard Henry  1975Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1109
14 Shepardson, Edmund Ray   I1218
15 Shepardson, Elliott Alphozo  Abt 1890Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1016
16 Shepardson, Elsie Mildred  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1100
17 Shepardson, Grace Eleanor  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1108
18 Shepardson, Nancy Louise   I1236
19 Shepardson, Orin Edmund  1921Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1101
20 Shepardson, Orin Edmund  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1101
21 Shepardson, Rena Gertrude  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1106
22 Shepardson, Russell Alfred  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1110
23 Shepardson, Russell Alfred  Feb 1986Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1110
24 Shepardson, Vina Mabel  May 1963Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts I1098
25 unknown last name, Catherine   I4260
26 Warburton, Charles V.   I1518


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Childs / Pasis   F796
2 Childs / Shepardson  1926Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F719
3 Childs / White   F795
4 Cooke / Childs  1950Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F794
5 Curry / Dodge  24 Nov 1945Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F784
6 Curry / Shepardson  23 Feb 1918Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F715
7 Elzey / Childs   F797
8 Mokrisky / Shepardson   F803
9 Paza / Shepardson  20 Mar 1943Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F789
10 Shepardson / Ledford   F790
11 Smith / Shepardson  1934Foxboro, Norfolk County, Massachusetts F720
12 Warburton / Curry   F878