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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Grafton, Windham County, Vermont


City/Town : Latitude: 43.1716817, Longitude: -72.60646329999997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kingsbury, Bernard Luther  5 Jun 1897Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1550
2 Kingsbury, Leonard Arthur  17 Dec 1898Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1551
3 Leonard, Abbie Katharine  12 Aug 1875Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1547
4 Leonard, Eva M.  1/16/18755Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5298
5 Leonard, Fenwick Phelps  22 Dec 1903Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1562
6 Leonard, Flossie Achsah  3 May 1874Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1546
7 Leonard, Frederick J.  21 Sep 1864Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5297
8 Leonard, Margaret Vera  16 Aug 1909Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1564
9 Leonard, Miriam Ruth  16 Aug 1909Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1563
10 Leonard, Samuel Harlan  5 Nov 1881Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1548
11 Pollard, Adin M.  Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I8563


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Leonard, Phelps Francis  6 Jun 1870Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1545
2 Leonard, Samuel Towne  19 Jun 1918Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1537
3 Phelps, Katharine Holtone  10 Jun 1914Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1544
4 Wetherell, Ursula Alvina  29 Jul 1913Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hill, Daisy Ione  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1561
2 Hill, Daisy Ione  1920Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1561
3 Hoar, Achsah  1860Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I8510
4 Kingsbury, Luther S.  1900Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5281
5 Kingsbury, Luther S.  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5281
6 Leonard, Abbie Katharine  1880Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1547
7 Leonard, Abby  1860Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1542
8 Leonard, Fenwick Phelps  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1562
9 Leonard, Fenwick Phelps  1920Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1562
10 Leonard, Flossie Achsah  1880Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1546
11 Leonard, Margaret Vera  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1564
12 Leonard, Margaret Vera  1920Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1564
13 Leonard, Miriam Ruth  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1563
14 Leonard, Miriam Ruth  1920Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1563
15 Leonard, Samuel Harlan  1900Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1548
16 Leonard, Samuel Harlan  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1548
17 Leonard, Samuel Harlan  1920Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1548
18 Leonard, Samuel Towne  1880Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1537
19 Leonard, Samuel Towne  1900Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1537
20 Leonard, Samuel Towne  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1537
21 Park, Carrie S.  1940Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5011
22 Phelps, Francis  1860Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I8509
23 Phelps, Katharine Holtone  1860Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1544
24 Phelps, Katharine Holtone  1880Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1544
25 Phelps, Katharine Holtone  1900Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1544
26 Phelps, Katharine Holtone  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1544
27 Record, Charles Delbert  1930Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1150
28 Record, Donald W.   I7185
29 Record, Gordon S.  1930Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I7182
30 Record, Madeline A  1930Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I7183
31 Record, Raymond L.   I7184
32 Record, Wayland S.  1930Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I7181
33 Record, Wendell Charles  1930Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I7180
34 Stark, Holland   I5029
35 Stark, Lucille   I5028
36 Stark, Pearl Clif  1940Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1052
37 Stark, Ruby Blossom  1930Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1051
38 Wetherell, Ursula Alvina  1900Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5282
39 Wetherell, Ursula Alvina  1910Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I5282

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Leonard, Jonathan D.  1863Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1543
2 Leonard, Samuel Harlan  12 Sep 1918Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1548
3 Stark, Pearl Clif  1942Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stark, Pearl Clif  Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1052
2 Stark, Pearl Clif  Nov 1963Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1052
3 Stark, Pearl Clif  1965Grafton, Windham County, Vermont I1052


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ellis / Kingsbury   F3380
2 Record / Smith  3 Dec 1932Grafton, Windham County, Vermont F2736

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Ellis / Kingsbury   F3380