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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.5250906, Longitude: -71.759794


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Diane Elaine  15 Jun 1932Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1354
2 Cameron, John Nell   I1355
3 Ellis, Kristen Elizabeth   I8668
4 Kittredge, Arlene June   I5074
5 Lawrence, William Fuller Sr.  19 Oct 1892Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I547
6 Lewis, Eliza Putnam Kendall  20 Mar 1861Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I312
7 Lyon, Edward Clifford  13 Sep 1879Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1196
8 Lyon, Colonel Harold Clifford  6 Nov 1905Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1197
9 McKenna, Edward Joseph  4 Jul 1924Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7484
10 Pierce, Joshua  19 Apr 1769Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1629
11 Reenstierna, Carol Signe  13 Jun 1937Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1422
12 Stanley, Brian Matthew   I4554
13 Talcott, Orlo Emmons  30 Oct 1876Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1791
14 Turner, Anna Elizabeth  29 May 1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1195
15 White, Christopher Raymond   I6419
16 Wright, Deborah Lee   I1514
17 Wright, The Rev. Frederick Earl   I1361
18 Wright, James Frederick   I1515


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Pierce, Joshua  21 May 1769Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bliss, Amanda Isabella  1 Jan 1925Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2457
2 Fornuff, Rosalia Elizabeth  23 Jan 1974Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1820
3 Goodrich, Lydia  27 Jan 1826Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8633
4 MacNeill, Barbara Ettal  16 Jun 2006Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2911
5 Newton, Anna Laura  5 Jan 1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1015
6 North, Wayne Kenneth  12 Jan 2019Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I519
7 Pierce, Joshua Jr.  5 Nov 1812Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8632
8 Pierce, Joshua  4 Jan 1850Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1629
9 Turner, Grace Emma  22 Mar 1966Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1095
10 Turner, Royal Francis  1 Apr 1978Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1203
11 Wright, Earl Erwin  25 Feb 1957Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Faulkner, Augusta Mae  6 Oct 1943Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1192


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Harold Sandord  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I594
2 Bliss, Amanda Isabella  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2457
3 Bliss, Amanda Isabella  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2457
4 Boudreau, Aurella  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8964
5 Cameron, Diane Elaine  1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1354
6 Cameron, John Nell   I1355
7 Cameron, Neil Frederick  1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1353
8 Fornuff, Rosalia Elizabeth  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1820
9 Fuller, Hattie L.  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7739
10 Fuller, Hattie L.  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7739
11 Johnson, Frederick Mortimer  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1199
12 Johnson, Frederick Mortimer  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1199
13 Johnson, Frederick Mortimer  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1199
14 Johnson, Frederick Mortimer  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1199
15 Johnson, Frederick Mortimer  1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1199
16 Johnson, Gerda A.  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8428
17 Johnson, Gerda A.  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8428
18 Kendall, Ernest L.  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8425
19 Kendall, Ernest L.  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8425
20 Kendall, Myrtle Lillian  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1360
21 Kendall, Myrtle Lillian  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1360
22 Kendall, Myrtle Lillian  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1360
23 Kendall, Myrtle Lillian  1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1360
24 Lawrence, Cecil H.  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7738
25 Lawrence, Cecil H.  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7738
26 Lawrence, William Fuller Sr.  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I547
27 Lawrence, William Fuller Sr.  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I547
28 LePoer, Abigail May  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I5369
29 Lyon, Albert E.  1880Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1198
30 Lyon, Albert E.  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1198
31 Lyon, Albert E.  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1198
32 Lyon, Edward Clifford  1880Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1196
33 Lyon, Edward Clifford  1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1196
34 Lyon, Edward Clifford  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1196
35 Lyon, Colonel Harold Clifford  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1197
36 Lyon, Colonel Harold Clifford  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1197
37 McKenna, Edward J.  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8963
38 McKenna, Edward Joseph  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7484
39 Newton, Anna Laura  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1015
40 Newton, Anna Laura  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1015
41 Newton, Anna Laura  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1015
42 Olson, John A.  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8427
43 Olson, John A.  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8427
44 Olson, Ruth Lillian  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1363
45 Olson, Ruth Lillian  1930Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1363
46 Olson, Ruth Lillian  1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1363
47 Paratt, M. Berdella  1910Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8426
48 Paratt, M. Berdella  1920Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I8426
49 Pierce, Joshua  1800Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1629
50 Pierce, Joshua  1830Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1629

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Hager, Almond Albert  16 Oct 1940Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4078
2 Johnson, Frederick Mortimer  12 Sep 1918Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1199
3 Lawrence, William Fuller Sr.  5 Jun 1917Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I547
4 Wright, Leon Erwin  12 Sep 1918Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1200
5 Wright, Leon Erwin  1942Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1200


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Turner, George Edward  1924Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1093
2 Turner, Royal Francis  1944Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Marjorie Arline  Nov 1900Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2131
2 Buckett, Yvonne S.  1956Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1513
3 Cameron, Neil Frederick  1935Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1353
4 Dion, Kathleen Ann   I4612
5 Hyde, Audrey D.   I3426
6 Kendall, Myrtle Lillian  1928Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1360
7 Kendall, Myrtle Lillian  1949Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1360
8 Munson, Evelyn  Jan 2005Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4953
9 Munson, Evelyn  Jan 2019Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I4953
10 North, Wayne Kenneth  1993Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I519
11 North, Wayne Kenneth  Aug 1997Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I519
12 North, Wayne Kenneth  26 Jan 2005Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I519
13 Olson, Ruth Lillian  1938Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1363
14 Olson, Ruth Lillian  1944Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1363
15 Turner, Anna Elizabeth  1935Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1195
16 Turner, Grace Emma  1923Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1095
17 Turner, Ross A.   I1365
18 Turner, Royal Francis  1944Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1203
19 Turner, Royal Francis   I1364
20 Turner, Royal Francis   I1364
21 Wright, Earl Erwin  1949Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1201
22 Wright, The Rev. Frederick Earl   I1361
23 Wright, Leon Erwin  1923Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1200


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Lyon / Smith  1 Jan 1872Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts F709
2 Lyon / Turner  12 Sep 1903Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts F707
3 O'Brien / Duplessie   F2244
4 Pierce / Goodrich  27 Nov 1766Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts F3412
5 Talcott / Fornuff  10 Nov 1898Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts F1074
6 Wright / Kendall  30 Jun 1928Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts F776