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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.4500845, Longitude: -73.24538239999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blasioli, Linda J.  27 Feb 1958Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I6862
2 Bolza, Robert Henry  07 Apr 1915Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2213
3 Goldsmith, Barbara Ann  17 May 1928Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I937
4 Jenkins, Ian Calder   I4943
5 Poulin, Louise Elizabeth  14 Jun 1887Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I9075
6 Whitney, Elsie Elaine  12 Apr 1924Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I865
7 Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln  20 Mar 1927Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I867
8 Whitney, Robert Harding  20 Mar 1922Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I866
9 Zukowski, Donald Thomas   I2646
10 Zukowski, Col. Laura Mary   I2645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Duclos, Mary Bernice  23 Aug 1929Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2762
2 Hine, Hazel May  3 Jan 1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I863
3 Hunter, Wayne Irwin  12 Nov 1986Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I1698
4 Regnier, Joseph  22 Sep 1957Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2761
5 Wheeler, Florence Estelle  25 Sep 1997Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I1736
6 Whitney, Elsie Elaine  16 Nov 1925Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 F. Mabel  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I7767
2 F. Mabel  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I7767
3 Bolza, Emil  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I4516
4 Bolza, Emil  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I4516
5 Bolza, Robert Henry  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2213
6 Bolza, Robert Henry  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2213
7 Callanan, Dorothy Mary  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I585
8 Callanan, Dorothy Mary  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I585
9 Callanan, John E.  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I7766
10 Courter, Sadie  1900Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I8087
11 Duclos, Mary Bernice  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2762
12 Goldsmith, Barbara Ann  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I937
13 Goldsmith, Barbara Ann  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I937
14 Goldsmith, Thomas Bartholomew M.D.  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2765
15 Goldsmith, Thomas Bartholomew M.D.  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2765
16 Herbst, Alma  1910Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I4517
17 Herbst, Alma  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I4517
18 Herbst, Alma  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I4517
19 Hine, Hazel May  1900Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I863
20 Hine, Hazel May  1910Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I863
21 Hine, Hazel May  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I863
22 Hine, Lewis N.  1900Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I8086
23 Hine, Lewis N.  1910Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I8086
24 Powers, Loretta Louise  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2766
25 Powers, Loretta Louise  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2766
26 Regnier, Elise Berenice  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I864
27 Regnier, Elise Berenice  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I864
28 Regnier, Elise Berenice  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I864
29 Regnier, Joseph  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I2761
30 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832
31 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832
32 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832
33 Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I867
34 Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I867
35 Whitney, Robert Harding  1930Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I866
36 Whitney, Robert Harding  1940Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I866

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Whitney, Clifford Elmer  19 Jun 1917Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I833
2 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  5 Jun 1917Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832
3 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  1942Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832
4 Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln  16 May 1946Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln  1945Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Whitney, Clifford Elmer  7 Jun1916Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I833
2 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  8 Apr 1920Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Blasioli, Janet Cady   I6863
2 Blasioli, Paula  Dec 2014Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I6859
3 Goldsmith, Barbara Ann  1950Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I937
4 Hunter, Joan Ethel   I1737
5 Regnier, Elise Berenice  1 May 1921Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I864
6 Regnier, Elise Berenice  1948Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I864
7 Wheeler, Florence Estelle  1993Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I1736
8 Whitney, Clifford Harding II  About 1976Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I869
9 Whitney, Harding Wheeler  1948Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I832
10 Whitney, Kenneth Lincoln  Aug 1950Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts I867


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Stringer / Blasioli   F2652
2 Whitney / Goldsmith  26 Aug 1950Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts F522
3 Whitney / Hine  22 Mar 1915Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts F495
4 Whitney / Regnier  2 May 1921Pittsfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts F494