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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.5481852, Longitude: -72.39672200000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballou, Anna Elizabeth  15 Nov 1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2350
2 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  20 Jun 1896Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
3 Ballou, Clarence Ernest  7 Sep 1899Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2340
4 Ballou, Francis Henry  22 May 1912Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2351
5 Ballou, Grace Maud J.  5 Feb 1898Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2339
6 Ballou, Ralph Burton  6 Aug 1894Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2337
7 Ballou, Raymond Emmon  20 Jan 1905Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2341
8 Ballou, Stephen Charles  13 Jan 1889Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2335
9 Ballou, William Henry  16 Jan 1891Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2336
10 Ballou, William Herbert  15 Jun 1869Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
11 Bezio, Richard Norman  6 Dec 1932Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4011
12 Brigham, Charles  6 Jul 1815Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2319
13 Browning, Clarinda G.  10 May 1817Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8859
14 Butler, Bertram Aubry  9 May 1874Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7249
15 Clark, Walter Harrison  13 Jun 1896Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1160
16 Death, Elizabeth  26 Nov 1817Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2674
17 Delvy, Florine Isabel  13 Jul 1888Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I370
18 Field, Carrie  26 May 1884Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1046
19 Field, Emma Gertrude  12 Jul 1877Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1040
20 Field, Florence Elizabeth  16 Mar 1879Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1045
21 Field, Horace Franklyn  6 Aug 1892Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1044
22 Field, James Arthur  29 Jun 1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1041
23 Field, Mary Alice  13 Oct 1881Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1042
24 Field, Ruth Annette  22 Jan 1887Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1043
25 Holland, Edith Serena  1858Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9083
26 Hunter, Annie R.  9 Dec 1888Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1670
27 Hunter, Clifford Earl  3 Jun 1890Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1671
28 Hunter, Raymond Mearl  21 Apr 1895Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1673
29 Hunter, Walter Pierce  30 Sep 1891Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1672
30 Hunter, William Russell  5 Mar 1886Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1668
31 Johnson, Chessman  20 Jun 1832Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5272
32 Johnson, Hannah  14 Aug 1774Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I19
33 Johnson, Nathaniel  25 Sep 1794Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2896
34 Johnson, Nathaniel  30 Apr 1830Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5273
35 Mills, Albert  19 Feb 1832Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2429
36 Moore, Aaron  19 Aug 1799Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5731
37 Moore, Amos  9 Feb 1797Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4134
38 Moore, baby boy  22 Mar 1808Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5735
39 Moore, Benjamin  30 Jan 1771Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4129
40 Moore, Daniel  05 Nov 1806Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5734
41 Moore, Jerusha  6 Aug 1800Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4136
42 Moore, Levi  15 Apr 1813Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4139
43 Moore, Nancy Stiles  11 Aug 1810Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4138
44 Moore, Nathan  24 Sep 1805Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5733
45 Moore, Peter  28 Jul 1802Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4137
46 Moore, Relief  4 Sep 1804Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5732
47 Moore, Susanna  29 Oct 1794Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4135
48 Sawyer, Eunice  6 Mar 1797Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2670
49 Sawyer, Persis  7 Jan 1808Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2666
50 Stiles, Fanny  24 Jul 1797Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2895

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cornwell, David Leonard  16 Jan 1958Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2266
2 Delvee, Hannah  15 Dec 1805Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5
3 Delvee, Sarah Ann  13 Aug 1888Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I31
4 Field, Florence Elizabeth  7 Sep 1879Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1045
5 Hunter, Annie R.  10 Apr 1895Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1670
6 Johnson, Joseph  22 Sep 1786Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I20
7 Moore, Aaron  24 Aug 1799Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5731
8 Moore, Amos  3 Sep 1798Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4134
9 Moore, baby boy  22 Mar 1808Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5735
10 Moore, Daniel  07 Nov 1806Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5734
11 Moore, Eunice  24 Dec 1846Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4133
12 Moore, Josephine Lillian  1 Jan 1976Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1058
13 Moore, Nathan  27 Sep 1805Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5733
14 Moore, Peter  24 Sep 1803Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4137
15 Moore, Relief  6 Sep 1804Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5732
16 Sawyer, Eunice  3 Mar 1854Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2670
17 Sawyer, Joseph  21 Oct 1840Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4132
18 Sawyer, Persis  7 Aug 1838Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2666
19 Stiles, Edmund  23 Jul 1815Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8751
20 Stiles, Nancy  1803Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8847
21 Stiles, Phinehas  31 Dec 1836Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2739
22 Stiles, Samuel  1802Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8846
23 Wilder, Hannah  12 Dec 1801Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I21


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)     Land/House    Person ID 
1 Stiles, Edmund  1789Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8751
2 Stiles, Edmund  1814Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8751

Married to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married to    Person ID 
1 Stiles, Phinehas  5 Dec 1806Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ballou, Cecil Stiles  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2338
2 Ballou, Clarence Ernest  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2340
3 Ballou, Grace Maud J.  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2339
4 Ballou, Ralph Burton  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2337
5 Ballou, Stephen  1870Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2902
6 Ballou, Stephen  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2902
7 Ballou, William Henry  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2336
8 Ballou, William Herbert  1870Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
9 Ballou, William Herbert  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
10 Ballou, William Herbert  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
11 Beach, Josephine  1870Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2903
12 Beach, Josephine  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2903
13 Bezio, Harold Francis  1940Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4083
14 Bezio, Harold Francis  1950Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4083
15 Bezio, Richard Norman  1940Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4011
16 Bezio, Richard Norman  1950Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4011
17 Brigham, Sarah Ann  1870Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2322
18 Brigham, Sarah Ann  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2322
19 Clark, George E.  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7371
20 Clark, George E.  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7371
21 Clark, Walter Harrison  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1160
22 Clark, Walter Harrison  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1160
23 Curtis, Roxanna  1850Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5290
24 Davis, Bertha E.  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7372
25 Davis, Bertha E.  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7372
26 Day, Almeda Wait  1850Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2450
27 Delvee, Sarah Ann  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I31
28 Field, Emma Gertrude  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1040
29 Field, Sumner Wallace  1880Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1039
30 Hunter, Clifford Earl  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1671
31 Hunter, Harvey Mondell  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1664
32 Hunter, Harvey Mondell Jr.  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1667
33 Hunter, Harvey Mondell  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1664
34 Hunter, John P.  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1669
35 Hunter, Mary Louise  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1666
36 Hunter, Olive May  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1665
37 Hunter, Olive May  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1665
38 Hunter, Raymond Mearl  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1673
39 Hunter, Raymond Mearl  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1673
40 Hunter, Walter Pierce  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1672
41 Hunter, William Russell  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1668
42 Hunter, William Russell  1910Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1668
43 Johnson, Annabel Louise  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1080
44 Johnson, Merrill Burt  1900Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1009
45 Mills, Gardner Packard  1830Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2421
46 Moore, Benjamin  1800Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4129
47 Moore, Benjamin  1810Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4129
48 Moore, Leonard   I6018
49 Moore, Leonard   I6018
50 Moore, Lucille   I6017

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Clark, Walter Harrison  5 Jun 1918Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1160


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Ballou, Stephen Charles  Apr 1911Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Jean, Roland L. Sr  Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9128
2 Labrie, Rita E.  Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I9129

Office Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office Held    Person ID 
1 Stiles, Edmund  1789 to 1792Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8751
2 Stiles, Phinehas  1801 to 1802Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Stiles, Phinehas  say 1835Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2739


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Armentrout, Donna   I6039
2 Ballou, Linda Marion   I911
3 Clough, William Gary   I7476
4 Richards, Mary Elizabeth  1922Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2353
5 Sawyer, Eunice  1830Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2670
6 Shaw, Christine   I7068
7 Smith, Erica   I9104
8 Tero   I9105


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ballou / Stiles  17 Sep 1887Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1377
2 Ballou / Stiles  26 Jun 1899Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1379
3 Brigham / Delvee  19 Oct 1840Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F33
4 Connell / Davis   F1354
5 Cornwell / Fisher   F1341
6 Cornwell / Hildreth   F1340
7 Delvee / Sawyer  5 May 1831Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F30
8 Delvy / Severance  24 Jul 1886Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F184
9 Field / Shepardson  21 Oct 1876Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F622
10 Johnson / Stiles  13 May 1829Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1600
11 Moore / Delvee  30 Apr 1793Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F8
12 Stiles / Delvee  Jan 1796Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F7

Marriage Intentions

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   Family    Marriage Intentions    Family ID 
1 Delvee / Johnson  24 Sep 1792Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F10
2 Delvee / Sawyer  5 Feb 1831Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F30
3 Johnson / Stiles  25 Apr 1829Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1600
4 Moore / Delvee  27 Dec 1793Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F8
5 Stiles / Delvee  2 Jan 1796Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts F7