Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Matches 1 to 39 of 39 for Tree equals Delvee Family AND Branch equals Tribe of Lucy

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F2643
 Gossard, Keri Lynn   
2 F2644
 Gossard, Sydney   
3 F2653
Joel Blasioli, Janet Cady   
4 F2642
Bush, C. John Gossard, Stacey Aileen   
5 F2641
Conlon, John Joseph Fleming, Erin Marie   
6 F3056
Dillinger, Robert Charles Bailey, Diane Marilyn   
7 F1003
Fleming, Edward Percival Hunter, Olive May 29 Nov 1901 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
8 F1034
Fleming, Erroll E. MacDonald, Shannon M. Yes, date unknown  
9 F2459
Flint, Lewis M. last name unknown, Alma Yes, date unknown  
10 F1000
Gerry, Henry Pierce Ott, Carrie M.   
11 F2464
Green, Charles Albert Murphy, Marie Margaret Yes, date unknown  
12 F978
Green, George Newton Wherin, Lucy J. 25 Feb 1864 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  
13 F24
Green, John Adams Delvee, Lucy 1 Jan 1828 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
14 F996
Greene, Charles Albert last name unknown, Laura E. Yes, date unknown  
15 F2651
Harrington, William Blasioli, Susan   
16 F2458
Hedrick, James last name unknbown, Sandra   
17 F1008
Hunter, Clifford E. Richardson, Florence V. Yes, date unknown  
18 F987
Hunter, Harvey Mondell Pierce, Lucy Jenette 3 Mar 1882 Erving, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
19 F1005
Hunter, Harvey Mondell Fratus, Margaret 18 Jun 1904 Athol, Worcester County, Massachusetts  
20 F1007
Hunter, John P. last name unknown, May Yes, date unknown  
21 F1023
Hunter, Merle W. Jillson, Muriel Yes, date unknown  
22 F1044
Hunter, Neil William LeBreton, Cecile Marie   
23 F1011
Hunter, Raymond M. Skerington, May Yes, date unknown  
24 F1009
Hunter, Walter Pierce Wallwork, Stella 1910  
25 F1010
Hunter, Walter Pierce Niemela, Aili 19 Jun 1943  
26 F1006
Hunter, William R. Snyder, Florence A. 25 Dec 1909 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
27 F2465
Jacobs, unknown Flint, Doris J. Yes, date unknown  
28 F2649
Kristensen, Rick Blasioli, Paula   
29 F2650
LeMere, Art Blasioli, Paula   
30 F1032
Long, Harlan William Kane, Helen Trask   
31 F1052
Neil, Charles Raymond    
32 F2909
Parker, Steven    
33 F1056
Peaslee, Gary R. Fleming, Nora   
34 F23
Pierce, Joshua Delvee, Lucy Yes, date unknown  
35 F972
Pierce, Philander Field, Elizabeth Ann 29 Oct 1864 Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
36 F1004
Severance, Willis E. Hunter, Mary Louise 1 Sep 1908 Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire  
37 F1041
Spencer, Chester    
38 F1042
Spencer, James    
39 F2652
Stringer, Bruce Blasioli, Linda J.