Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Matches 1 to 38 of 38 for Tree equals Delvee Family AND Branch equals Tribe of Polly

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F3101
Barber, Stephen Kathryn   
2 F3100
Barber, Wilson H. Cooper, Carol J. 13 Oct 1979  
3 F2764
Butler, Bertram Aubry Cummings, Gracie Belle 23 Oct 1909 Springfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts  
4 F1473
Cummings, George Q. Dill, Laura Augusta 1873  
5 F3047
Danforth, Everett Victor  Yes, date unknown  
6 F1520
Danforth, Everett Victor Machado, Adelene Theresa 06 Apr 1951 Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada  
7 F2781
Dill, Clarence Charles Breheau, Gladys Elizabeth Est 1925  
8 F1484
Dill, Earnest Simonds, Leora Mills Yes, date unknown  
9 F3157
Dill, Melvin Roy Greig, Judith Allen   
10 F3163
Dill, Michael Herman Hurd, Paula Anne   
11 F2782
Dill, Norman William Lindquist, Lillie Belle   
12 F1504
Dill, William Clarance Hallberg, Nettie Victoria 29 Oct 1903 Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
13 F1505
Dill, William Clarance Breheau, Gladys Elizabeth say 1960 New York State  
14 F1472
Dill, William Lysander Vaughan, Ellen Edwina 26 Jul 1880 Vernon, Windham County, Vermont  
15 F3087
Donehue, Arthur Robert Sr. Barber, Lilly Aleta 5 Nov 1966 Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois  
16 F1485
Duren, Charles Simonds, Marcella A. Yes, date unknown  
17 F3160
Gibeault, Brandan John    
18 F3159
Gibeault, Mark Anthony Dill, Lauren Blanche   
19 F1513
Harper, Nelson Dill, Grace E. Yes, date unknown  
20 F3142
Hebert Morgan, Kathleen Louise   
21 F1502
Leonard, George Melvin Morgan, Esther Minnie 20 Apr 1942 Huntington, Fairfield County, Connecticut  
22 F1510
Mayo, Henry Addison Robbins, Nellie Isabel 21 Apr 1903 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
23 F3103
Mercer Barber, Beverly   
24 F29
Mills, Gardner Packard Delvee, Mary c 1826  
25 F1524
Morgan, James Harvey Pratt, Dorothy LaVerne   
26 F1461
Putnam, Henry Austin Smith, Mary A. Yes, date unknown  
27 F3049
Raiha, Daniel Steven Danforth, Tina Louise   
28 F1209
Robbins, Fred Lyman Whitney, Maude Beatrice 04 Nov 1908  
29 F1459
Simonds, George Mills, Lucy M. 16 Dec 1861 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
30 F1458
Smith, Timothy Mills, Sarah N. 04 Apr 1856 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
31 F1501
Williams, Donald Reed Morgan, Esther Minnie 25 Jun 1927 Northfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
32 F1547
Wilson, David Arthur Robbins, Cheryl June   
33 F688
Wyman, David Edward Francis, Mabel Evelyn   
34 F689
Wyman, David Edward Taylor, Florence May 26 Jul 1905 Westfield, Hampden County, Massachusetts  
35 F686
Wyman, David Gardner Warner, Mary Louisa 16 Nov 1892 Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
36 F1489
Wyman, William Henry    
37 F3161
Zucker, Owen Dill, Amanda Louise   
38 F1528
Zukowski, Henry Thaddeus Williams, Joan Elizabeth