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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Matches 1 to 32 of 32 for Tree equals Delvee Family AND Branch equals Tribe of Sarah

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F2043
 Truchinskas, Paula Ann   
2 F2044
 White, Cristy Lee   
3 F1379
Ballou, John Leverett Stiles, Grace Lillie 26 Jun 1899  
4 F1403
Ballou, Richard Cecil Dike, Sally Mae   
5 F1384
Ballou, Stephen Charles Stivner, Mattie Yes, date unknown  
6 F1385
Ballou, Stephen Charles    
7 F1383
Ballou, Stephen Charles Rickey, Jennie Elizabeth 10 Nov 1909  
8 F1377
Ballou, William Herbert Stiles, Maude Nellie 17 Sep 1887 Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
9 F1373
Blakeslee, Horace Brigham, Emily Emma 6 Oct 1865 Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut  
10 F33
Brigham, Charles Delvee, Sarah Ann 19 Oct 1840 Wendell, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
11 F1392
Carpenter, George R. Compton, Caryl L.   
12 F1381
Carpenter, Robert Eames Adams, Florence Cora Jan 1926  
13 F1707
Chapman, Norman Pierson, Jennifer Grace   
14 F1460
Clark, William A. Mills, Jane Elizabeth 24 Jan 1868 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
15 F1395
Curtis, Forrest Culverhouse Ballou, Anna Elizabeth 04 Nov 1933 Sand Lake, Rensselaer County, New York  
16 F2946
Davenport, Kevin Matthew Garcia, Edith   
17 F2750
Davenport, Kevin Roy Buxton, Hollie   
18 F2598
Desormeaux, Leo Thomas III Jackson, Angela C.   
19 F2599
Desormeaux, Leo Thomas IV McKenzie, Crystal G.   
20 F2075
Hoffman, Raymond    
21 F2355
Lynn Desormeaux, Jennifer Lorene   
22 F2938
Martin Desormeaux, Patricia Ann Yes, date unknown  
23 F1378
Mellor, The Rev. Clarence Francis Stiles, Grace Lillie 04 Jul 1895  
24 F34
Nute, Samuel Delvee, Sarah Ann 20 Sep 1835 Warwick, Franklin County, Massachusetts  
25 F1436
Peirce, Peter Richard Esterson, Jill   
26 F1441
Pratt, Thomas Leon Ball, Shari Lynn   
27 F1393
Rodgers, Randell Carpenter, Elizabeth Greta 27 Mar 1954  
28 F1422
Shine, Richard Ballou, Rita Marie   
29 F1374
Stiles, Burritt Anthony Brigham, Sarah Ann 4 Jul 1865 Petersham, Worcester County, Massachusetts  
30 F1421
White, Irving Ballou, Rita Marie   
31 F927
Wood, John Norwood Ballou    
32 F1407
Wood, John Norwood Ballou Campbell, Marcia