Delvee Family Association
The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.587915, Longitude: -72.59941040000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abramson, Erik Archer   I4739
2 Abramson, Kelsey Gillian   I4740
3 Anderson, Prudence Avery   I2636
4 Anthony, Mariah Nicole   I5152
5 Atherton, Jay Brian   I199
6 Atherton, Renee Dawna   I198
7 Ballou, Alan Cecil   I2393
8 Ballou, Catherine Ann   I2401
9 Ballou, Craig Cecil   I2400
10 Ballou, Derilyn Marie   I2394
11 Ballou, Eric Richard   I6815
12 Ballou, Glenn Arthur   I2395
13 Ballou, Lorraine Mary   I2392
14 Ballou, Richard Cecil   I2356
15 Barcome, Diane Marie   I875
16 Barnes, David Allen   I255
17 Bergeron, Frederick Joseph  5 Jun 1892Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7529
18 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  27 Jun 1929Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
19 Bergquist, John Frederick  9 Jan 1946Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2121
20 Bezio, Melissa Sue   I4013
21 Bolton, Arolyn Ruth   I517
22 Bolton, Beverly Ann   I516
23 Byam, Lawrence Turner  10 Sep 1928Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1352
24 Carr, Aaron David   I2716
25 Carr, Elizabeth Grace   I2874
26 Clapp or Aiken, Mildred Elizabeth  Abt 1915Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8599
27 Clough, Dana Paul  24 Apr 1902Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3750
28 Clough, Fred Eugene  4 Jul 1877Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I126
29 Clough, Harold George  13 Feb 1903Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I127
30 Condraski, Adele Cecila  10 Jun 1908Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I871
31 Connell, Alicia Ann   I6805
32 Cornwell, Alicia Ann   I5925
33 Danforth, Richard Earle  25 Dec 1923Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2549
34 Davis, Donna Lynn   I2286
35 Davis, Janet Christine   I6811
36 Davis, Karen Lorraine   I2288
37 Davis, Laura Jeanne   I2289
38 Davis, Marlene Lucy   I2287
39 Deane, Aubree Marie   I7987
40 Duplessie, Christine Marie   I4752
41 Dziekonski, Kathryn   I6380
42 Field, Charles Frederick  27 Oct 1877Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I75
43 Fowler, Jonathan Lee   I5050
44 Gabaree, Kyle Andrew   I2419
45 Gibson, Jared Robert   I5171
46 Gibson, Kaylee Marie   I5172
47 Hager, Alberta Ann   I3020
48 Harris, Grant Bradley   I2230
49 Harris, Nina Marlene   I2229
50 Jarvis, Phyllis A.  18 Jan 1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2959

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ballou, William Herbert  Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2334
2 Bergeron, Frederick Joseph  10 Jun 1977Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7529
3 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  1 Oct 2010Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
4 Blackham, Emma Frances  1 May 1905Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8812
5 Brown, Anne Vida  25 Nov 1984Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3793
6 Chapin, Myron Delvey  14 Mar 1961Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I85
7 Charboneau, Albert Francis  24 Nov 1965Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I15
8 Clough, Dana Paul  14 Feb 1965Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3750
9 Clough, Doris May  26 Mar 1999Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I129
10 Clough, Evelyn Grace  27 Jan 1998Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I132
11 Clough, Frederick Eugene Jr.  16 Nov 1992Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I133
12 Clough, Mildred Irene  4 Sep 1981Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I134
13 Codding, Leo Nicholas  06 Nov 1982Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3977
14 Condraski, Adele Cecila  11 Oct 2003Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I871
15 Condraski, Francisek  1925Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7041
16 Cornwell, Earl Francis  07 Apr 1996Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2259
17 Deane, Frederick Bradley  29 Jun 1957Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2122
18 Delvy, John William  02 Jul 1949Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I298
19 Duguay, Virgil Joseph  18 Oct 2013Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1463
20 Fellows, Archie J. Jr.  24 Jul 2003Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5500
21 Field, Delphine Elizabeth  6 Aug 2010Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I122
22 Field, Delvey McKinley  29 Nov 1966Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I123
23 Foster, Lena Jessie  24 Jan 1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1151
24 Hale, Lottie Clara  26 Mar 1961Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5454
25 Hale, Orra May  23 Jan 1959Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I382
26 Hastings, Helen Rachel  3 May 2003Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I521
27 Higgins, Herbert W.  14 Dec 1949Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2036
28 Johnson, Phillip Gustaf Adulph  11 Feb 1991Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I906
29 Kidder, Shirley Caroline  14 May 1993Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2152
30 Leonard, George Melvin  24 Nov 2002Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2561
31 Magdalinska, Maryanna  1950Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7042
32 Mankowsky, Carroll WIlliam  8 Sep 2012Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8179
33 Mason, Gertrude Evelena  12 Oct 1960Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2040
34 McKay, Wayne Kidder  12 Jun 2007Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2159
35 McKenney, Everett Arnold  15 Aug 1981Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I168
36 Miller, Florence Helen  27 Dec 1999Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I529
37 Miller, Jennie  May 1917Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I5045
38 Miller, Kenneth Leonidas  29 Sep 1998Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I531
39 Morgan, Douglas Edward  04 Jun 1955Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2633
40 Morgan, Esther Minnie  02 Jan 1994Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2493
41 Munn, Lewis Chandler  16 Mar 1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1054
42 Newton, Marion Elenor  3 Sep 2003Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I712
43 North, Kenneth J.  12 Apr 1990Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I518
44 Parker, Althea Virginia  16 Jul 1990Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I837
45 Parker, Howard Willis  23 Sep 1979Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I836
46 Pigeon, Josephine Agnes  11 Aug 1970Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7530
47 Rock, Catherine  16 Jul 2007Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I699
48 Sanden, Gordon Carl  22 Apr 1943Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2137
49 Turner, James Ritchie  26 Aug 1971Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2555
50 Waite, William Harold  9 Nov 1975Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I16

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Ambo, Anthony Stanley  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I522
2 Ambo, Anthony Stanley  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I522
3 Ambo, Joseph  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7726
4 Bascom, Thomas Delvy  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I375
5 Bergeron, Frederick Joseph  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7529
6 Bergeron, Frederick Joseph  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7529
7 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
8 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
9 Blackham, Emma Frances  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8812
10 Charboneau, Albert Francis  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I15
11 Charboneau, Albert Francis  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I15
12 Condraski, Adele Cecila  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I871
13 Dill, Clarence Charles  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I2571
14 Field, Helen Ruth  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I118
15 Gee, Emma Frances  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I493
16 Magdalinska, Maryanna  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7042
17 Moore, Jason  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I6252
18 Pigeon, Josephine Agnes  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7530
19 Pigeon, Josephine Agnes  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7530
20 Plaistridge, Frederick Caleb  1880Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I361
21 Pollard, James Harrison  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I188
22 Pollard, Janice Marie  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I189
23 Simon, Sophie  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7627
24 Simon, Sophie  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7627
25 Thayer, Arthur Leonard  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I490
26 Thayer, Frank Eugene  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I492
27 Thrasher, Lillia J.  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I34
28 Thrasher, Lillia J.  1910Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I34
29 Thrasher, Lillia J.  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I34
30 Waite, Bernice R   I7388
31 Waite, Bernice R   I7388
32 Waite, Ernest Lorenzo  1880Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I18
33 Waite, Ernest Lorenzo  1900Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I18
34 Waite, Ernest Lorenzo  1910Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I18
35 Waite, Ernest Lorenzo  1920Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I18
36 Waite, Ernest Lorenzo  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I18
37 Waite, Norma   I7389
38 Waite, William Jr.   I7390
39 Waite, William Harold  1910Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I16
40 Waite, William Harold  1920Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I16
41 Waite, William Harold  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I16
42 Waite, William Harold  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I16
43 Whitaker, Elinor Frances  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I389
44 Whitney, Helen Grace  1930Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I137
45 Whitney, Helen Grace  1940Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I137

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Barber, Lee Wilfred  12 Sep 1918Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I103


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Event-Misc    Person ID 
1 Hale, Otis Fiske  1870Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I292


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Niedbala, Kim Joanne  1980Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I4828
2 North, Janet Elinor   I520
3 North, Wayne Kenneth  1954Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I519

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Bascom, Dorus Amaziah  25 Feb 1903Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I374


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    MISC    Person ID 
1 Crosby, Robert Daniel  6 Mar 1890Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Mankowsky, Carroll WIlliam  10 Sep 2012Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8179
2 Whitney, Madelyn May  18 May 2018Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I140


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bergeron, Jeanne Anne  1950Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I191
2 Carpenter, Paul Herbert  1957Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I723
3 Charboneau, Albert Francis  1948Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I15
4 Charboneau, Albert Francis  1953Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I15
5 Charboneau, Evelyn Diane  Nov 1965Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8528
6 Clough, Charles Rollin  1953Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I130
7 Clough, Dana Paul  1943Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I3750
8 Clough, Doris May  1943Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I129
9 Clough, Evelyn Grace  1948Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I132
10 Clough, Evelyn Grace  1953Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I132
11 Clough, Verna Ruth  1953Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I131
12 Condraski, Adele Cecila  1952Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I871
13 Daley, Nellie Josephine  1943Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I117
14 Delvey, Etta Rebecca  1939Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I60
15 Delvey, Etta Rebecca  1941Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I60
16 Duda, Dominick   I6136
17 Dunnell, Cheryl Ann   I5166
18 Dunnell, Deborah   I5554
19 Felch, John Eugene  1939Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I483
20 Field, Charles Frederick  1943Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I75
21 Foster, Lena Jessie  1939Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1151
22 French, Thelma Ada  1957Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I719
23 Gibson, Robert L.  1953Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7469
24 Hale, Otis Fiske  1870Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I292
25 Mankowsky, Carroll WIlliam  1963Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I8179
26 Miller, Deborah   I7843
27 Miller, Ethel Louise  1957Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I532
28 Miller, Theodore Raymond  1957Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I530
29 Minckler, George Bernard   I5170
30 Moore, Frank Herbert Jr.  Jan 1959Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1066
31 Munn, Lewis Chandler  1939Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I1054
32 O'Brien, Sean E.   I6190
33 Parker, Howard Willis  1952Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I836
34 Parker, Linda  1995Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I872
35 Sakowicz, Sandra   I707
36 Schnell, Isadora Susan  1939Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7615
37 Sedgwick, Charles Philip   I524
38 Sedgwick, David Hugh  1962Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I523
39 Smith, Norman Dale   I5955
40 Taylor, Roger Keith   I2647
41 Whitaker, Florence Eva  1980Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I514
42 Whitney, Madelyn May  1963Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I140
43 Whitney, Marilyn R.   I6135
44 Williams, Helen Elizabeth  1953Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I7460


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Delvey, Mary W.  14 Aug 1880Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts I57


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Guetti   F2554
2 Ambo / Whitaker  27 Apr 1935Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F247
3 Bascom / Wright  31 Dec 1902Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F236
4 Bergeron / Pigeon  30 Jun 1913Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F2895
5 Delvy / Black  05 Jan 1929Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F185
6 Dill / Hallberg  29 Oct 1903Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F1504
7 Harvey / Turner   F1526
8 Morgan / Anderson   F1525
9 Rossi / Charboneau  1966Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F3359
10 Salisbury / Moore  15 Jul 1914Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F674
11 Sanicki / Parker   F528
12 Stratton / Hale  10 Dec 1890Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts F180
13 Whitney / Gray   F2504