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The Descendants of Peter and Lucy (Town) Delva meeting together since 1886
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Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.4229047, Longitude: -72.10510020000004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ballou, Glenda Lee   I2384
2 Bryant, Amanda Jo   I4478
3 Bryant, Douglas Edward   I1272
4 Bryant, Elizabeth Ann   I1489
5 Bryant, Michael Ellis   I1492
6 Bryant, Trevor   I4479
7 Bryant, unknown   I1490
8 Gariepy, Suzanne   I1488
9 Gould, Lydia Augusta  1854Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I441
10 Harding, Ella Melinda  19 Dec 1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I813
11 Harding, George  17 Dec 1837Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I812
12 Keddy, Ethel L.  28 Jul 1931Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I2869
13 Klein, Sherrie Anne   I1491
14 Paquin, Debra Lynn   I1524
15 Paquin, Lori Jean   I1523
16 Shank, Denise Marie   I1458
17 Shepardson, Alta May  10 May 1907Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1107
18 Shepardson, Beverly Jean   I1257
19 Shepardson, Janice Elaine  20 Apr 1948Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1442


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amsden, Albert Vaughn  30 Apr 1908Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I440
2 Bryant, Merton Ellis  5 May 1998Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1270
3 Cook, Mabel Agnes  13 Mar 1951Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I341
4 Delvy, Sarah Ruth  25 Jul 1910Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I266
5 Grover, Grace A.  16 May 1954Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1287
6 Harding, Alpheus  18 Dec 1898Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I816
7 Lyons, Lydia Amelia  22 Jan 1919Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I357
8 Wheeler, Catharine Muzzy  13 Aug 1872Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Shepardson, Velma Clare  Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Bruce Shepardson   I1271
2 Bryant, Douglas Edward   I1272
3 Bryant, Merton Ellis  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1270
4 Delvey, Mary Ann  1855Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I799
5 Delvey, Ruth Melinda  1855Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I801
6 Delvey, Ruth Melinda  1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I801
7 Delvy, Sarah Ruth  1910Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I266
8 Gould, Lydia Augusta  1880Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I441
9 Grover, Grace A.  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1287
10 Harding, Alpheus  1850Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I816
11 Harding, Alpheus  1855Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I816
12 Harding, Alpheus  1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I816
13 Harding, Alpheus  1870Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I816
14 Harding, George  1850Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I812
15 Harding, George  1855Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I812
16 Harding, George  1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I812
17 Harding, Harriet  1850Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7918
18 Harding, Harriet  1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7918
19 Harding, Jane  1850Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7917
20 Harding, Jane  1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I7917
21 Keenan, John A.  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1274
22 Lyons, Lydia Amelia  1900Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I357
23 Lyons, Lydia Amelia  1910Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I357
24 Shepardson, Alva Harry  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1113
25 Shepardson, Andrew F.   I1293
26 Shepardson, Beverly Jean   I1257
27 Shepardson, Cecil Fayette  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1129
28 Shepardson, Earl Roy   I6160
29 Shepardson, Fealice G.   I1290
30 Shepardson, Isabelle Marguerite   I1256
31 Shepardson, Mildred Louise  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1255
32 Shepardson, Robert Charles  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1254
33 Shepardson, Stella Adenia  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1118
34 Shepardson, Velma Clare  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1117
35 Shepardson, Vivian M.   I6161
36 Simonds, George Russell  1900Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I290
37 Simonds, George Russell  1910Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I290
38 Walker, Nathan Sumner  1850Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I807
39 Walker, Nathan Sumner  1855Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I807
40 Wallace, Mildred  1940Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1253
41 Wheeler, Catharine Muzzy  1850Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I817
42 Wheeler, Catharine Muzzy  1855Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I817
43 Wheeler, Catharine Muzzy  1860Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I817
44 Wheeler, Catharine Muzzy  1870Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I817

Married To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married To    Person ID 
1 Gould, Lydia Augusta  29 Nov 1871Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I441
2 Harding, Alpheus  24 Jun 1874Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I816


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Raymond Alfred   I1273
2 Dwelly, Rodney   I1528
3 Flajole, Andrea   I2690
4 Johnson, Wanda Sue   I904
5 Kukas, Andrew Arthur   I969
6 Kukas, Andrew Arthur   I969
7 Lyons, Lydia Amelia  1882Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I357
8 Shepardson, Joseph Benjamin   I7055
9 Shepardson, Stella Adenia  1996Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1118
10 Shepardson, Velma Clare  1996Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I1117
11 Simonds, George Russell  About 1875Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I290
12 Simonds, George Russell  1882Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I290
13 Wetmore, Robert Delvey Jr.   I225
14 Wetmore, Robert Delvey Jr.   I225
15 Wetmore, Robert Delvey  2016Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts I162
16 Wetmore, Susan   I2694


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Amsden / Gould  7 Apr 1896Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts F275
2 Coolidge / Barnes  9 Oct 1909Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts F203
3 Harding / Wheeler  9 Mar 1837Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts F475
4 Keenan / Shepardson  12 Feb 1937Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts F733
5 Kukas / Johnson   F550
6 Shank / Shepardson   F821
7 Stone / Coolidge  25 Jun 1885Barre, Worcester County, Massachusetts F174
8 Whitman / Shepardson   F913